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iVdopia Increases Publisher Revenues by 250%: iPhone and Android App Developers Cash-in

October 13, 2010
Submitted by iVdopia

With industry-leading eCPMs, 100% fill rates and the widest range of video and rich media ad formats, iVdopia drives the highest publisher revenues in the mobile advertising market

SAN JOSE, Calif., October 13, 2010— iVdopia (www.ivdopia.com), the largest video and rich media mobile advertising network, today announced that its publisher revenues increased by 250% since the beginning of the year. Serving more than one billion ad requests on a growing network of more than 15,000 publisher and app sites, iVdopia provides eCPMs (effective cost per thousand impressions) that are 166% higher than the industry average, allowing iPhone and Android app developers to cash-in on advertising revenues. Along with a large inventory of premium brand advertisers across categories like entertainment, automobiles, consumer goods, food and beverage, iVdopia provides publishers with 100% fill rates which outnumbers the industry average of 40%.

As leaders in mobile video advertising, iVdopia attributes this surge in growth to the range of video and rich media ad formats launched from Future5, the first HTML5 ad-authoring tool and V5, the first HTML5 video advertising platform. Together, they have successfully provided app developers with a sustainable source of advertising revenue and a single solution to monetize their applications across devices including iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android.

Leading iPhone game app developer AppStar Games has been in iVdopia’s ad network for more than six months, and has since then monetized four of its gaming apps on the network, witnessing a double digit increase in earnings since then.

“Our partnership with iVdopia is a great asset, and we have been able to successfully monetize each one of our gaming apps on their network”, said Garry Kitchen, CEO of AppStar Games. “We’ve experienced industry-leading eCPMs with them, along with easy SDK integration, intuitive reporting tools and a variety of video and rich media ad formats to work with. It’s a mutually beneficial business opportunity for both developers and brand advertisers, and we anticipate doubling our revenues in the near future.”

“We’re glad that in just over a year, iVdopia has yielded a growth of 250% in revenues for app developers and publishers,” said Chhavi Upadhyay, Chief Operating Officer, iVdopia. “iVdopia is committed to helping app developers and publishers build strong revenue streams and monetize content. As we continue to innovate and launch new video ad formats, and provide even higher eCPMs, iVdopia’s ad network is focused on opening doors to thousands of Android and iPhone app developers to take advantage of our unique monetization capabilities.”

iVdopia has been at the forefront of mobile advertising innovation since its inception in March 2009. The company introduced the first mobile ads that let users stay within the application, more than a year before the iAd launched. iVdopia also introduced the first social media ads for mobile with Talk2Me; the first HD advertisements on the iPad; and the Viper Ads, which delivered a new level of user engagement. Most recently, the company introduced V5, the world’s first HTML5 video ad platform, and Future5, the first HTML5 ad-authoring solution available for all iOS and Android devices.

About iVdopia

iVdopia is the largest video and rich media mobile advertising network bringing the powerful visuals and interactivity of video to millions of Smartphone device users. Serving over a hundred million video and one billion rich media mobile impressions, iVdopia provides advertisers, publishers and application developers with one the most effective and device-independent platforms for the mobile advertising industry. As a “first to market” pioneer to launch multiple rich media and video ad formats, development tools and an HTML5 ad-serving platform for Smartphones, iVdopia provides a unified mobile video ad experience across all devices, regardless of operating system or hardware. iVdopia's video and rich media mobile solutions are used by leading publishers and advertisers such as Wrigleys, McDonalds, Coca-Cola, Universal Studio, Warner Brothers and Miller Lite to deliver premium advertising campaigns.

The holding company Vdopia Inc. is the fastest growing, venture-funded advertising technology company focused exclusively on premium audiences in the world. The privately held, venture-backed company is headquartered in Silicon Valley and has offices in San Jose and Los Angeles, CA, New York, NY, Chicago, IL, and Gurgaon and Mumbai, India.

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