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Introducing Persio’s Newly Rebranded Multi-Channel Marketing Platform

August 20, 2015
Submitted by Persio

August 20, 2015 07:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

CHICAGO--()--Newly rebranded Persio ( has unveiled a feature-rich, multi-channel marketing platform built for retail marketers. As the name suggests, Persio’s mission is personalization. The new platform allows marketers to create, deploy and optimize campaigns to their online, in-store and mobile customers based on shoppers’ personal preferences and known behaviors by linking disparate data from multiple sources to establish a single customer record.

With the newfound ability to integrate customer data from numerous sources and internal data silos into a single platform, retail marketers can make better business decisions and personalize marketing offers based on a holistic view of their customers as they shop and interact from a variety of channels – desktop, mobile, in-store, catalog, email and more. The platform, which rolled out to clients in July, is designed to work with retailers’ existing channels and vendors, rather than replace them.

Persio, which operated as Iris Mobile until late July, listened to the needs of retail marketers and its retail clients, focusing on the challenges of creating and leveraging comprehensive views of their customers’ varied shopping activities, accounts, interactions and channels.

In fact, 89% of marketers surveyed by Experian said they struggled to create a single view of their customers, making it hard to personalize their offers or deliver relevant messaging and communications. Customer IDs and data, for example, are often duplicated or stored separately in unconnected email, web or app databases.

Unified Customer IDs Connect Shopping Channels

The expanded Persio platform connects temporary data points, such as desktop cookies, with permanent data that include email addresses, phone numbers, and mobile device IDs. These stronger data connections enable marketers to create a unified customer profile from which to follow a shopper’s journey, wherever it occurs.

“The ongoing discussions with our retail clients and prospects have been consistent,” said Marc Grabowski, Persio CEO. “What we heard from them was: ‘Help us better understand what our customers are doing on different channels, so we can optimize the best communications for themHelp us connect all the disparate data silos into a single system that we can manage with ease. Help us be more relevantMore than anything, help us gain better control over our marketing efforts.’”

Clients that use the Software as a Service (SaaS) platform can build dynamic or trigger-based campaigns, upload content, create and refine customer segments, and deploy personalized content across multiple channels. The continuous deploy-learn-optimize loop allows retail marketers to hone in efficiently and in real time on their most valuable audiences.

Mapping the Multi-Channel Customer Journey

“While personalization has been an industry buzzword for the past year, it still eludes most marketers,” Grabowski pointed out. “At Persio, personalization goes beyond product recommendations and segmentation, which are standard marketing practices today. True personalization is linking online to offline conversions. Personalization delivers dynamic offers and campaigns based on a single, integrated view of customer interests. Personalization means the ability to predict accurately how customers will respond to specific offers and messages, in every channel.”

Persio puts control in the marketer’s hands, helping them make better decisions about how to communicate with their customers. This increases engagement and customer lifetime value while growing revenue for retailers.

For more information about the Persio platform launch or to schedule an interview with CEO, Marc Grabowski, please contact Vanessa Horwell at [email protected] or +1.305.749.5342 x 232.

About Persio

Persio’s multi-channel marketing and decisioning platform puts the power of personalization into marketers’ hands. Built to meet the needs of retailers, Persio works with marketers’ existing data sources, technology solutions, deployment channels and identity resolution services to establish a unified customer record so that marketers can deploy data-driven and personalized campaigns across web, email, SMS, mobile apps and other sales channels. Persio empowers marketers to deliver relevant offers to customers at their most responsive point. Clients include EXPRESS, Stage Stores and Avenue.

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