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Instant feedback can help call centres improve, says Rapide MD

November 11, 2010

Call Centre Focus

Date: 10 November 2010

Call centres should be asking for instant feedback from customers about the service they receive as that is the point where they are likely to be honest.
Nigel Shanahan, Rapide Communication MD told delegates at the Customer Service Network ‘The Future of Customer Service’ conference that customer feedback was moving to an instant process.
Of the number of people who will complain - 4% will go directly to the brand, while 96% will grumble to someone else, in person or through some form of social media.
Shanahan said: "If someone is calling on the phone you should ask for feedback there and then as they [the customer] will say what they want."
Figures show that on average a SMS is read within four minutes while an email is read within 48 hours, illustrating the value of instant interaction.
David Jackson, founder and chief executive at Clicktools, who also spoke to delegates, agreed about the importance of feedback but said it is not just about surveys.
Jackson said: "More change is happening and at a faster pace. Encourage feedback. It is no longer about surveys. If someone is not talking to you they are talking to somebody else – on social media networks."
While companies focus on customer relationship management, Jackson believes there will be a move towards customer managed relationship (CMR). "Imagine, customers say ‘I have my data and my information is mine’. At some point in time people will say you cannot have my information.
"People think you can control customers but you cannot. You can control the interaction with the customer but you cannot control them."

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