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Innovation and global control in OOH

December 3, 2018

Innovation and global control in OOH

Latcom recently launched its 3.0 version of Checking Online. This unique supervision tool allows the company’s clients to have total control of the global campaign in real time.

Buenos Aires, December 2018

With the focus in optimizing and adding additional functionalities to the supervision service, Latcom, international company specialized in global OOH, has launched its 3.0 version of the Checking Online.

Newly rebranded and redesigned this new version of the platform appoints to a strict campaign control since the beginning allowing a-real-time-view from anyware in the world by connecting from a mobile device.

This tool provides the users different filters possibilities while checking the campaigns: by name, by year, by country, by city and by category. Additional it gives all the statistics facts: range, frequency, OTS´s by element and total campaign among others like images and videos of each elements and its geographical location.

By navigating this new platform you can access the dashboard and check the general status of the current campaigns, allocated investments, competitive reports, OTS costs and download specific reports.

“On a year basis we focus on introducing innovative and tech solutions to our customers. While launching this newly 3.0 version we understand that the Control of the OOH communication is key for our clients, hence we continue to fine tune this homemade powerful tool: the Checking Online” Valentin Bueno, CEO & President of Latcom summarizes.

The 3.0 version is currently working and you can access with the user name and password in the CLIENT´s option at