InMobi Grows to be Largest Mobile Ad Network in South Africa with 650 Million Mobile Ad Requests per Month; 2010 Football World | MMA Global

InMobi Grows to be Largest Mobile Ad Network in South Africa with 650 Million Mobile Ad Requests per Month; 2010 Football World

December 16, 2009
Submitted by InMobi

California, London, Singapore, Bangalore (15 December 2009) – InMobi announced today that it has grown to become the largest mobile advertising network in South Africa with over 650 million mobile ad requests per month. The service offerings of InMobi have also been expanded to other countries in Africa such as Kenya, Nigeria and Egypt which are also beginning to show a significant growth in mobile advertising.

With the upcoming Football World Cup 2010, InMobi predicts an explosion in mobile advertising and brands engagement since nothing connects Africa quite like football. Under the first ever mobile rights distribution project for the World Cup operators around the world will stream all 64 matches live to mobile handsets. Users will also be able to receive highlights and updates to their phones on a near-live basis. In his address during the World Cup ceremony in Berlin, South African President Thabo Mbeki said that the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa would be the first event of this magnitude where the world would be able to participate via their mobile handsets.

Being the largest ad network in the region, InMobi is gearing up for the occasion. The company is also announcing a partnership with a South African advertising agency, MobiClicks, to engage South Africa with mobile advertising.

“Our partnership with InMobi has been very fruitful in the region. InMobi has been with us at every step and has ensured that our performance never dips. We believe 2010 will be another banner year for mobile advertising in South Africa and believe InMobi is a solid partner for advertisers looking to reach mobile consumers in the region,” said Shaun Rosen, CEO of MobiClicks.

The South African market is made up of very progressive users, who are highly engaged on their mobile devices and respond well to mobile advertising as measured by the click-through rates and advertiser return on investment. South Africa has close to 10 million mobile internet users which is expected to grow to 15 million by 2013. InMobi now aims at growing the entire mobile ecosystem in South Africa by bringing in global players into this market. As mentioned by Jose Henriques, Vodacom’s executive head of internet services, mobile internet is no longer luxury in Africa as it has become a valuable tool of global development.

Abhay Singhal, Head of Global Ad Sales at InMobi, added “The success of South Africa is now spreading to the rest of Africa and has shown some promising results in countries like Kenya, Nigeria and Egypt. It is perceived that mobile is now accelerating the economic growth of the entire continent. The World Cup 2010 will be a catalyst for mobile advertising in Africa, and we’re positioned to lead the market and connect brands and publishers to this emerging market.”

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