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i-Cell provides additional income for Vodacom Tanzania

December 17, 2008

Vodacom Tanzania put the Vodazone service based on the Bercut’s i-Cell solution into the revenue service.
The unique Vodazone service is available to all 5 million subscribers of Vodacom Tanzania. It enables achieving two goals: network load balancing and increasing ARPU. The service is controlled by the Cell Broadcast service, which is a part of the i-Cell solution.

– We are completely satisfied with capabilities of i-Cell and the service provided by Bercut Ltd. The companies specialists managed to meet a tight schedule, which enabled us to launch the Vodazone service within the time required, – Erasto Haule, Head of Department Network Quality of Vodacom Tanzania says. – In the near future, we plan to use all additional capabilities of i-Cell for increasing penetration of VAS and ensuring a growth of ARPU via VAS promotion (targeted proactive sales of mobile content).

– Berсut’s approach consists of a thorough study of business needs and the IT infrastructure, which ensures support of customers’ VAS. It enables us to develop the solutions, which always have the potential of growth in respect to the mobile operators’ business, – Igor Novikov, the Chief Business Development Officer of Bercut Ltd, says.
The unique nature of the Vodazone service consists in the following. Bercut i-Cell implements geotargeted promotion of operator’s services, namely outgoing calls. When a subscriber moves to a free network segment, they receive the CBC message offering a discount for making calls to other Vodacom subscribers. Such an approach incites subscribers to make outgoing calls, which contributes to optimization of the network infrastructure usage and an increase in the operator’s ARPU.

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