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HipCricket Introduces Patent-Pending Mobile Coupon Solution For Retailers and Quick Service Restaurants

September 29, 2009
Submitted by HipCricket

Mobile marketing leader HipCricket today introduced a new measureable solution which places mobile coupons within reach of the more than 240 million Americans who have text messaging on their mobile phones. Based on patent-pending technology, the new mobile coupon solution allows retailers and quick-service restaurants (QSR) to measurably increase customer loyalty and sales.

Founded in 2004, HipCricket has deep experience with retailers, restaurants and consumer packaged goods manufacturers, among others. Over this time, HipCricket’s retail and QSR clients have successfully employed strategies to deliver mobile offers including Jiffy Lube, which sent an offer via mobile that produced redemption rates of nearly 50 percent new customers.

This new enhanced HipCricket mobile coupon offering provides consumers with single use promotional codes that are fully trackable by any point of sale (POS) system that accepts VISA or MasterCard. It also features a specific solution for quick service restaurants, QSR Plus. QSR Plus adds creative and ongoing consulting to help businesses maintain and increase customer loyalty, establish one-to-one communication with their prospects and customers and, ultimately, increase average customer spend and frequency.

HipCricket’s mobile couponing offering is built on a software-as-a-service (SaaS), on-demand platform and provides retailers with the following features and benefits:

  • Requires no new hardware, servers or infrastructure
  • Eliminates production and distribution costs since there are no paper coupons to be produced
  • Delivers real-time analytics and reporting to provide for instant measurability, the ability to make changes mid-campaign and optimize performance on the fly
  • Provides easy scalability for regional and national campaigns
  • Ties easily into existing membership and loyalty programs
  • Offers easy integration with packaging, POS and traditional ads
  • Supports unique promotional codes which identify coupon and reduce fraudulent redemption

For consumers, the route to a mobile coupon is simple: a consumer sees a call to action and texts the “keyword” to a short code; the consumer receives a mobile voucher including an eight-digit unique code and a promotional message; the consumer takes voucher to store to receive discount/offer; the unique code is entered into the POS system via cash register or card reader; the validity of voucher is checked in real time with a coupon server; if the voucher is valid, it is redeemed; if not valid, a detailed message is returned for checkout management.

“HipCricket’s solution gives retailers, consumer package goods companies and quick-serve restaurants measurable reach but with minimal setup, execution and monitoring time. As a result they quickly have a competitive edge over their rivals,” said HipCricket President Eric Harber, whose company’s retail and consumer package goods clients include some of the world’s leading brands such as Macy’s, Arby’s, Nestle and Jiffy Lube. “With this solution, our clients will build customer loyalty and generate repeat business through their ability to offer consumers mobile coupons, sweepstakes, gift vouchers, product sampling, loyalty rewards and product rebates.”

Shoppers have shown significant interest in receiving and using mobile coupons, but the lack of universal technology and systems have limited adoption. According to a Scarborough survey released in August, 8.6 million households receive coupons via text messaging or email. Recent research from Deloitte also highlights the growing interest in mobile coupons, showing that 57 percent of consumers said they would want to receive a coupon on their phone.

The key with mobile coupons is adhering to the opt-in model. “Coupons received via text messaging are typically sent only to consumers who have opted-in to receive them. This increases the relevancy of the offer and the potential for the consumer to act on that offer,” said Gary Meo, senior vice president of digital media and print services, Scarborough Research.

About HipCricket
HipCricket, Inc. drives new revenue and customer loyalty for consumer brands, broadcast stations, and media companies through strategic, creative and measurable mobile marketing interactivity. Recognized as a pioneer by CTIA, the preeminent wireless association, the mobile marketing software and solutions company has delivered more than 45,000 successful campaigns for customers including Coca Cola, Staples, Hershey’s, Jameson, Clear Channel Radio, Premiere Radio Networks, Sandusky Broadcasting and NBC. With its unique technology and experienced, customer-focused team, HipCricket produces interactive campaigns through SMS, Mobile Web/WAP, and mobile advertising and now connects brands with audiences they desire to reach via the first comprehensive Hispanic Mobile Marketing Network. The company is based near Seattle with additional operations in New York and Mexico City. More information can be found at www.hipcricket.com.