FuturLink launches a capacity module that increases the number of simultaneous Bluetooth connections of its Access Points. | MMA Global
June 15, 2009
Submitted by FuturLink

FuturLink leads once again in innovation in the Mobile Proximity Marketing Industry with a new hardware that increases the connection capacity of FuturLink Access Points reaching up to 84 simultaneous Bluetooth connections.

Barcelona, June 12, 2009 - FuturLink, a company specializing in technology for Mobile Proximity Marketing, launches the new FuturLink AP300x in the market. FuturLink AP300x is a hardware that allows expanding the connection capacity of their Access Points for the distribution of multimedia content via Bluetooth.

FuturLink AP300x has been designed bearing in mind that it may be practical, lightweight, portable and easily transported. It works as a capacity module and when connected to other FuturLink Access Points, increases the number of simultaneous Bluetooth connections for sending content to mobile phones in close proximity. Each FuturLink Access Point can be connected to 3 FuturLink AP300x, reaching up to 84 simultaneous Bluetooth connections.

The main advantage of the FuturLink AP300x is the ease with which the simultaneous number of interactions with mobile phone users can be expanded. It is ideal for campaigns in environments with a large number of people such as events, malls, etc. and all this can be achieved without the need of buying additional Access Points.

Another big advantage is that it provides enough capacity for interactive campaigns such as user generated content campaigns or contests, which require the communication of FuturLink Access Point with large a number of users, simultaneously.

"With the introduction of this simple and effective form of capacity, FuturLink adds power, flexibility and modularity to its Proximity Marketing platforms allowing easy management of both simple campaigns of content distribution and also campaigns that involve large audiences which are more complex, requiring a much more efficient way of user interaction, "says Mercè Ruestres, Director of Market Strategy at FuturLink.

About FuturLink
FuturLink, founded in 2003 with its headquarters in Barcelona, is a leader in technology for mobile proximity marketing. The company develops and manufactures equipment for mobile marketing applications and distribution of content that enable interaction with users of mobile phones "out of home" with a variety of media and "at home" from any website, via short-range technologies like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and NFC. Since the initiation of the company, its R & D has been a leader in the development of technology platforms based on proximity. Its tradition of innovation has allowed for its products to be present in over 65 countries.

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