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Freckle Launches with Canada's Largest Beacon Network

December 11, 2014
Submitted by JUICE Mobile
Mobile industry leader and CEO of JUICE Mobile, Neil Sweeney, today announced the launch of Freckle IoT (Internet of Things), an ad tech company designed to be the testing ground and catalyst for the activation of next generation connected devices. Developed by mobile visionaries, Freckle's technology combines the data of connected devices to optimize the consumer experience. Freckle's expansive beacon network allows advertisers to engage their connected consumers within close proximity of a desired location, while increasing mindshare and awareness of their brand. Freckle provides a proximity-based solution that connects in-store and out-of-store brand experiences. With Freckle closing the loop in the path-to-purchase, its brands get full visibility on their connected consumers - knowing exactly where the engagement occurs. "Freckle permits brands to establish and maintain personalized consumer relationships, while allowing advertisers to deliver messages that are measurable," says Sweeney, CEO of Freckle. "Bringing the brand activation outside of the store to the interested and connected consumer reframes the conversation. Our solution is immensely scalable, both geographically and in its capacity to connect with future devices. Freckle connects all the dots." Freckle is a stand-alone company formed to have the freedom to play and experiment in the next generation connected device space, while benefitting from its exclusive sales relationship with JUICE Mobile. Working with established outdoor advertising companies and other partners, Freckle is already implementing its beacon technology into billboards and digital screens. Mobile publishers who integrate Freckle's software development kit (SDK) transform their iOS or Android apps into proximity-enabled applications. Advertisers working with Freckle tap into this network, enhancing their mobile display campaigns by enticing consumers into stores and gaining access to data that can inform future campaigns. This is strictly an opt-in network for the consumer who will not need to worry about spam, like those emanating from push-style programs. "Mobile advertising is moving to a world where the phone will activate objects and information around you," says Sweeney. "Freckle is devising strategies to expand and encompass the greater 'Internet of Things' by connecting directly to consumers via next generation devices – both known and unknown. Our beacon network is just the start." Freckle is now offering its proximity marketing solution to clients and partners throughout North America. For more information about Freckle and its offerings, visit ABOUT FRECKLE IoT Freckle IoT is a technology company founded to assist brands to adapt to the future of connected devices and advertising. As a pioneer in the proximity marketing space, Freckle works with brands, publishers and industry partners to bring innovative solutions to the market. Freckle helps advertisers harness the opportunities presented by next generation consumer technologies, ranging from smartphones to wearables to new intelligent devices. Freckle's mission is to move past traditional advertising models and to seek out innovative solutions to the advertising challenges of tomorrow.