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Freckle IoT and Blue Bite Partner to Create North America’s Largest Proximity Network

April 8, 2015
Submitted by Blue Bite
NEW YORK – (April 9, 2015) – Freckle IoT (The Internet of Things), an ad tech company that activates next generation connected devices, announces a groundbreaking partnership with Blue Bite, the Mobile Standard in Out-of-Home, and a provider of mobile technology for the retail industry. The partnership deploys 60,000 beacons across the United States, creating North America’s largest proximity network and spearheading innovation in mobile location-based services. Connecting Freckle IoT’s open beacon ecosystem to Blue Bite’s extensive location partnerships and mTAG platform enables advertisers to launch innovative, integrated marketing campaigns that connect with consumers across digital, mobile, and out-of-home environments with scale. “With this partnership, we are embarking on the next era of mobile activation – which is based on The Internet of Things,” said Neil Sweeney, President & CEO of Freckle IoT. “As more people adopt connected devices, marketers have grown eager to engage consumers on the path-to-purchase using hyper-local strategies. The scale of this launch means we can provide brands with infinitely greater opportunities to engage their target audience than with what is possible under the boxed-in solutions available in the market.” The partnership harnesses Blue Bite’s longstanding knowledge of out-of-home mobile activations and taps into the company’s extensive roster of location partners. Freckle IoT’s open beacon network connects the company’s growing number of application partners with its beacon ecosystem, solving the issue of scale in proximity deployments and bringing an additional layer of data sophistication to client campaigns. Instead of being locked within a closed framework of standalone beacon locations with a dedicated application, brands can harness any application enabled with Freckle IoT’s software development kit (SDK) to tap into the beacon network and deliver engaging messaging to their target audience. Capitalizing on the promise of the Internet of Things, beacons are placed in inventive locations, including: transit; street furniture; airports; college campuses; movie theaters; bars; and taxis. The beacons enable applications carrying the Freckle IoT’s (SDK) to provide rich content through mobile or wearable devices and target in-app advertising on a hyper-local level. “Brands crave innovative ways to use connected devices to engage their consumers in contextually relevant ways,” said Mikhail Damiani, CEO & Co-founder of Blue Bite. “The fact is, the tools haven’t existed for brands to deliver on widespread value and scalability with low barriers to entry – until now.” Through this approach, brands and agencies can deliver innovative, contextually relevant messaging to engaged and interested consumers who have opted in, building connections and avoiding ‘spam’-or ‘junk mail’ like messaging. About Blue Bite Blue Bite is a leading mobile-marketing solutions provider utilizing a targeted, location-based approach to reach captive audiences on their personal mobile devices by leveraging NFC, BLE, QR, WiFi, SMS, Geofencing and other technologies. Blue Bite has partnered with the top Out-of-Home companies in the world and prides itself on creating an interactive two-way engagement by enabling consumers to connect with digital and traditional media via their mobile phones. For more information, please visit and follow the latest updates and developments on Facebook and Twitter. About Freckle IoT Freckle IoT is a technology company founded to help brands adapt to the future of connected devices and advertising. As a leader in the proximity marketing space, Freckle IoT works with brands, publishers and industry partners to bring innovative solutions to the market. Freckle IoT helps advertisers harness the opportunities presented by next generation consumer technologies, ranging from smartphones, wearables to other intelligent devices. Freckle IoT’s mission is to move past traditional advertising models and to seek out innovative solutions to the advertising challenges of tomorrow. For more information about Freckle and its offerings, visit and follow updates on Twitter and LinkedIn.