Entries from Egypt, Germany, Lebanon, South Africa, Spain, Turkey and UAE are winners at MMA EMEA Smarties 2020 | MMA Global
December 16, 2020

London, 16 December 2020 – MMA EMEA today unveils the winning campaigns for its 2020 Smarties EMEA awards. The MMA Smarties is the world’s only global mobile marketing awards programme honouring and celebrating outstanding impact, ingenuity, and success in today’s modern communications mobile-connected world that is driving consumer engagement. A new category, Business Unusual was launched this year, in recognition of the outstanding work undertaken across the region during the pandemic, be it for Social Responsibility, Inclusivity, Technological Innovation or Customer Experience.

“There was a time earlier this year where we debated whether to hold our Smarties awards at all,” commented Chris Babayode, MD MMA EMEA. “We are certainly glad that we did, given the number of entries from across the region, given the number of judges who were able to view incredible submissions, and given that the industry rose to the challenge of delivering innovative, creative and effective campaigns during the pandemic that we judged under our new Business Unusual category. Hearty congratulations to each and every winner.”

All entries were judged based on four elements - strategy, creativity, execution and business impact. Business Impact accounted for 40 percent of the entrant’s overall score, while creativity, strategy and execution made up 20 percent each. The 2021 MMA EMEA Smarties Awards will launch in the spring.


The Smarties EMEA Award Winners for 2020 are:


EMEA - Brand Awareness

GOLD: Cheetos Mustache | Cheetos | OMD


SILVER:  Celebrate Everything | Tinkies | Hellosquare


BRONZE: Coke Energy -This Energy Is For You | Coca-Cola Energy | Carat Turkey



EMEA - Lead Generation / Direct Response / Conversions

GOLD: Akbank Walled Garden | Akbank | Akbank


SILVER: Elidor X Udemy | Unilever Elidor | Mindshare


BRONZE: MultiChoice Festive Campaign | MultiChoice | Reprise Digital



EMEA - Product / Services Launch

GOLD: Maximum Gaming Card | İşbank | Muse İstanbul


SILVER: DIMES Milkshake Launch | DIMES | Reklamania Creative


BRONZE: Fanta Music Is Ours | Fanta | Carat Turkey



EMEA - Promotion

GOLD: Screen Time Discount | Yapı Kredi | 4129Grey


SILVER: Obsesso ile Evin Keyfini Çıkar | Obsesso | AdColony


BRONZE: DIMES Milkshake Launch | DIMES | Reklamania Creative



EMEA - Mobile Gaming, Gamification & E-Sports

GOLD: The Rising of New Generation T | Akbank | Akbank


SILVER: Coca-Cola e-Euro 2020 | Coca-Cola | Carat Turkey


BRONZE: Turkey’s largest esports event “Istanbul Backgammon Tournament” | Atolye Games | Atolye Group



EMEA - Mobile App

GOLD: İsbank's İmeceMobil App | İşbank | İşbank


SILVER: İşbank's Maximum İşyerim App | İşbank | İşbank


BRONZE: Garanti BBVA - Mobile App Garanti BBVA Mobile | Garanti BBVA | Leo Burnett




EMEA - Mobile Search

GOLD: DenizBank Takes a Data-Driven Approach with Adjust to Reduce Costs | DenizBank | Adjust


SILVER: The Great Google Shopping Hack| Yalı Spor | Neodigital


BRONZE: Axess - OK, Google. I'm Feeling Lucky | Akbank | Hype



EMEA - Mobile Native

GOLD: Screen Time Discount | Yapı Kredi | 4129Grey


SILVER: DIMES Milkshake Launch | DIMES | Reklamania Creative


BRONZE: Ford - Chain Interactive Stories | Ford Focus | Ingage Media



EMEA - Mobile Social

GOLD: #Babil'sNumber | Bepanthol | Wunderman Thompson


SILVER: Cheetos Mustache | Cheetos | OMD


BRONZE: Fanta Music Is Ours | Fanta | Carat Turkey



EMEA – Innovation

GOLD: #Babil'sNumber | Bepanthol | Wunderman Thompson


SILVER: Celebrate Everything | Tinkies | Hellosquare


BRONZE: INTANGIBLES. A digital exhibition from the Telefónica Collection | Fundación Telefónica | Accenture



EMEA - Location Based Services or Targeting

GOLD: Coca-Cola - "Support Your Locals with DCO" | Coca-Cola | Carat Turkey


SILVER: Lay's 4 Seasons DOOH and Mobile Banners | Lay's | OMD



EMEA – mCommerce

GOLD: İşCep Marketplace | İşbank | Carat Turkey


SILVER: Akbank Walled Garden | Akbank | Akbank


 BRONZE: MTN Chat - Recharge Without Leaving Your Chats | Accenture Interactive and MTN | Accenture Interactive and MTN



EMEA - Mobile Video

GOLD: Love Beauty and Planet Good Loop Donation | Unilever Love Beauty and Planet | Mindshare Turkey


SILVER: Cheetos Mustache | Cheetos | OMD


BRONZE: DIMES Milkshake Launch | DIMES | Reklamania Creative



EMEA - Data/Insights

GOLD: Akbank Walled Garden | Akbank | Akbank


SILVER: Coca-Cola - "Support Your Locals with DCO" | Coca-Cola | Carat Turkey


BRONZE: The Great Google Shopping Hack | Yalı Spor | Neodigital



EMEA - Mobile Audio / Voice

GOLD: McDonald's Regional Brand Trust // Hygiene | McDonald's | AdColony


SILVER: Magnum’s Legendary Crack Sound x Spotify 3d Audio | Unilever / Magnum | Mindshare Turkey


BRONZE: Obsesso ile Evin Keyfini Çıkar | Obsesso | AdColony



EMEA - Gender Equality in Advertising

SILVER: UNICORNETTO //MY FAIRY TALE | Cornetto // Unilever | Medina Turgul DDB



EMEA - Social Responsibility

GOLD: App Samurai Covid19 Resilience Grant EMEA | App Samurai | App Samurai


SILVER: Lifebuoy Purpose | Lifebuoy | Magna



EMEA - Technology Innovation

GOLD: Virtual Assistant Maxi - Covid-19 Adaption | İşbank | İşbank


SILVER: Pay to the Future - Geleceğe Öde | İşbank | VMLY&R Turkey


BRONZE: Samsung A51 Launch - First Programmatic Ingame Advertising Campaign | Galaxy A51 | Adgage



EMEA – App

SILVER: How did the Bodeboca Acquisition Campaigns Outperformed During the Lockdown? | Bodeboca | Addict Mobile



EMEA - Inclusivity (during the pandemic)

GOLD: Coca-Cola - "Support Your Locals with DCO" | Coca-Cola | Carat Turkey


SILVER: Carte d'Or Do Something Sweet at Home | Carte d'Or | Standby Creative Group


BRONZE: Obsesso ile Evin Keyfini Çıkar | Obsesso | AdColony



EMEA - Customer Experience

GOLD: KFC goes TikTok #DoTheColonel | Kentucky Fried Chicken (Great Britain) Limited, German Branch | BUTTER. GmbH


SILVER: The New Brave | Procter & Gamble / Always | Procter & Gamble


BRONZE: Rich’s Africa WhatsApp Chatbot | Rich’s® Africa | Mobitainment