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DMG Mobile Extends Leadership with Powerful New Mobile Optimization Platform

July 13, 2011
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DMG Mobile Extends Leadership with Powerful New Mobile Optimization Platform  

Traffiliate for Mobile delivers end-to-end visibility and control of all campaign data for maximized ROI

Ra'anana, Israel, July 12, 2011 -DMG (DSNR Media Group) – a leading provider of result-based online and mobile advertising solutions – introduces Traffiliate for Mobile, a first-of-its-kind management and control platform for mobile advertising. Responding to the complex challenges faced by today’s mobile advertisers, Traffiliate for Mobile delivers real-time visibility of all campaign data across the entire value chain, enabling comprehensive, on-the-spot optimization that brings unmatched profitability.
The solution has been extensively proven, and is currently used with dozens of clients worldwide.

Full Visibility and Conversion Tracking of Mobile Campaigns
Bringing a much-needed level of measurement and ROI-driven optimization to mobile advertising, Traffiliate for Mobile provides a complete picture of all campaign parameters for granular targeting and broad optimization, including by: Countries, Operators, OS, Device ‘Make and Model’, Creatives, Browsers, etc., as well as Type of Traffic or Publisher.  These advanced user profiling and conversion tracking features allow advertisers to focus on the best-performing channels.

Unified Reporting of All Campaign Data
The platform’s Unified Reporting capabilities make campaigns easy to monitor and control - and easy to analyze. User-friendly reports enable advertisers to quickly grasp what actions need to be taken in order to get the best results. By measuring actual campaign success in real time, DMG Mobile helps advertisers to maximize their budget value, spending only where they get the most for every dollar.

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According to Inbar Chap, Co-CEO of DMG, “In today’s complex mobile realm, where advertisers face so many challenges - including the need to understand and control multiple parameters and sources – DMG mobile uses Traffiliate for Mobile to provide the first comprehensive answer - making it easier for brands and agencies to embrace mobile advertising in their marketing mix.”

Tracking Lifetime Value
Traffiliate for Mobile also tracks the Lifetime Value (LTV) of each user. LTV tracking pixels allow advertisers to understand the true value of their campaigns by linking them to the actual revenues generated. Advertisers can then target and bid more precisely, focus on the best yielding channels, and significantly increase the volume of long-term high-value users.

DMG (DSNR Media Group) is a leader in result-based online and mobile advertising solutions. Utilizing advanced proprietary technologies and proven methodologies, the company delivers full control of all aspects of mobile and online campaigns, ensuring the highest possible ROI for both advertisers and publishers. A specialized ad network boosts global exposure for advertisers across top-tier publishers.

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