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Data Innovation Study Finds 98% of Smart Phone Owners Downloaded Mobile App in Recent Months

April 5, 2010
Submitted by Data Innovation, Inc.

Consumers Using a Variety of App Types, Most Downloading Free Apps

(Port Washington, NY, March 29, 2010) – Data Innovation today announced the findings from its first Mobile Downloadable Applications Study, a mobile survey of 499 smart phone users conducted between November 2009 and January 2010. Data Innovation, a market research firm specializing in the wireless industry, conducts primary research with an exclusively mobile panel. The study found that an astounding 98% of respondents reported downloading an application for their mobile device in the past three months.

“An interesting finding from the study was that consumers are downloading applications regardless of the type of smart phone they own,” said Sima Vasa, CEO and founder of Data Innovation. “There was also no significant variation based on demographic factors such as ethnicity, income level, or education.”

The Data Innovation survey found that the majority of respondents (48%) reported downloading only free applications in the past three months. Another 21% stated that they spent less than $5 per month on downloadable applications, and 17% spent between $5 and $10 monthly. Women were 12% more likely to spend nothing on applications, while men were generally more likely to spend more on applications.

Data Innovation also found that consumers are interested in, and regularly using, a variety of application types. A full two-thirds of respondents reported downloading a messaging or social networking application in the past three months, and the same percentage reported using this type of application in the past month. The second most popular category was mobile games, with 64% reporting downloading a game in the past three months and 53% reporting using a downloaded game in the past month.

The vast majority of survey respondents (77%) stated they had downloaded an application to their smart phone directly from the manufacturer’s application store, with the second most popular method being downloading an application from the mobile operator’s portal (15%).

The Mobile Application Download Study is the baseline view of the penetration and use of mobile downloadable applications by smart phone users. Data Innovation plans to conduct more in-depth analysis in the next quarter. To find out more about this or future reports, email [email protected].

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