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ChaCha Users Excited to See Super Bowl Ads but Cool Ads Don't Always Get Them to Check Out Product

February 4, 2011
INDIANAPOLIS (February 4, 2011) In the past 24 hours, ChaCha, the #1 free, real-time answers service that has answered over a billion questions, asked more than 1,100 of its users questions about advertising in Sunday's Super Bowl. More than eight out of ten respondents (82.93 percent) said they’re "excited for the Super Bowl 2011 commercials.” Interestingly, when asked "If you see a really cool ad, does it make you check out the service or product?" only 11.44 percent said yes, while 38.71 percent said no and about half (49.85 percent) said "sometimes.” "With a 30-second Super Bowl spot costing upwards of $3 million, these insights may cause some marketers to pause and second guess the return on their investment,” says Scott Jones, ChaCha’s CEO. "There is no doubt the Super Bowl's entertainment value can be effective at driving brand awareness but our modern digital world affords marketers numerous emerging ad mediums that can be integrated with TV spots to dramatically enhance campaign and ROI success.” Super-exposure does not always translate into super-success. When asked "Which of these 2010 Super Bowl ads was a bummer?" respondents to the ChaCha survey said: Go Daddy Trifecta 47.30% Taco Bell Rocks 19.59% Car Max Animals 14.86% Vizio Forge 10.14% Sketchers Shape Ups 2.70% However, all is not doom and gloom in Super Bowl advertising. Here are some examples of ads respondents "can't wait to see this year”: Budweiser 34.51% Doritos 25.35% E-Trade 4.93% Other 33.10% And here are respondent overall favorite ads from last year's big game: Doritos Mouse Trap 58.99% Budweiser Fire Breath 16.55% Sierra Mist Beard 10.79% Reebok Terry Tate 5.04% Other Ad 8.63% On Super Bowl Sunday 2010, ChaCha had a record question day, answering 1.3 million questions from about 400,000 unique users on mobile alone. Today, ChaCha gets over 3 million questions every day from mobile and online users, and the company expects a record traffic day this coming Sunday. Because of the high user interest in sports and entertainment, ChaCha has deployed a Super Bowl mobile VIP list where users can sign up to get interesting team facts, breaking news, alerts, player stats, halftime information, and more. Users can text SBVIP to 242-242 to join. Online ChaCha provides breaking news and information at this link: ChaCha ( is the leading free, real-time answers service and has emerged as the #1 way for advertisers to engage with the audience of their choice. Through its unique "ask-a-smart-friend" platform, ChaCha has answered more than one billion questions since launch from more than 32 million unique users per month via online (, SMS text (242-242), Twitter (@chacha), Facebook app, iPhone app, Android app, and voice (1-800-2-ChaCha™). ChaCha works with major brand advertisers across platforms such as Paramount Pictures, McDonald's, Palm, Coca-Cola, AT&T, Sony, Johnson & Johnson, P&G, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, The CW Network, Universal Digital Studios, and hundreds of others, is one of the fastest growing mobile publishers according to Nielsen and is ranked in the Top 100 websites according to comScore and ranked in the Top 50 according to Quantcast. ChaCha was co-founded by proven innovator and entrepreneur Scott Jones and is funded by VantagePoint Venture Partners; Rho Ventures; Bezos Expeditions; Morton Meyerson, former President and Vice Chairman of EDS as well as Chairman and CEO of Perot Systems; Rod Canion, founding CEO of Compaq Computer; the Simon family; and Jack Gill, Silicon Valley venture capitalist.