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CardMobili enters Strategic Agreement with Bango

December 3, 2014
Submitted by CardMobili
3rd December 2014 - Porto, Portugal, and London, UK: CardMobili, a leading provider of advanced digital wallet solutions, has announced a strategic agreement with Bango, the market-leading carrier billing technology provider. The two companies will be working together to develop a series of innovative m-commerce solutions for Mobile Network operators (MNOs). These include bringing carrier-billing to the retail environment for the first time, and a unique new proposition that unites the digital app world with physical shopping. By integrating Bango's payment technology with CardMobili's digital wallet platform, consumers will be able to purchase physical goods via their existing mobile phone accounts; for example, redeeming discounts and pre-paying for menu deals, buying gift cards, or purchasing coupons.
A key focus will be on enabling Mobile Network Operators MNOs to leverage their large subscriber base and existing billing relationship to open up an important new revenue stream. The Bango/CardMobili solution creates a new business ecosystem, enabling MNOs to connect brands and merchants with consumers via its own branded multi-merchant app. Consumers benefit from greater convenience and the chance to make tangible savings, making physical purchases from their mobile account in one click. Merchants gain access to the MNO’s validated customer base, generating business and gaining new customers via carefully targeted campaigns.
Bango’s expertise in managing mass-scale payments for its predominantly App Store client list, together with its frictionless payment experience, synchronises perfectly with CardMobili’s advanced m-commerce technology platform and long-standing retail sector expertise. Helena Leite, CEO of CardMobili explains:
“Bango’s carrier-billing expertise is a perfect match to our mobile loyalty and strong retail track record. By combining our individual strengths, we are looking to build a mutually beneficial business ecosystem that gives merchants important new customer acquisition and targeting tools, combined with carefully customised loyalty-based services for consumers. Put the two together, and we have a unique new proposition that offers huge potential for MNOs’ revenues, and is a very exciting concept for both companies.”
Bango CEO Ray Anderson is equally confident that this relationship will bring a new dynamic to the market, explaining:
“In combination with CardMobili’s advanced digital wallet platform, we believe that it will be possible to establish carrier billing in the retail space for the first time. MNOs will be able to generate revenue from a brand new channel, providing value-added services to consumers who can pay with one click. This is combined with a dynamic new proposition for brands and merchants, giving them access to the MNO’s customer base within a controlled environment from a trusted partner. Both Bango and CardMobili have a highly complementary set of skills, and we are looking forward to working together to realise a series of exciting new m-commerce initiatives.”
About Bango
In the era of mobile technology, collecting payments has emerged as a central and complex challenge. Bango powers payment and analytics on the mobile web, providing users with a massively smooth payment experience. Bango's pervasive presence across the web creates a platform effect for partners, identifying hundreds of millions of users and maximizing the number of one-click payments. Global leaders plugging into Bango include Amazon, BlackBerry World, Facebook, Firefox Marketplace, Google Play, Windows Phone Store and major mobile brands including CNN, Cartoon Network and EA Mobile.
About CardMobili
CardMobili has been innovating in the digital wallet sector for a number of years, making the company one of the most experienced players in this rapidly evolving market. Partnering with leading global mobile network operators and retail brands, CardMobili’s technology and solutions have provided the platform for numerous successful roll-outs, across integration into existing mobile commerce programmes, such as loyalty and rewards, as well as completely new service launches. Continuous developments to CardMobili’s platform have strengthened its market position, and are enabling the company to partner with leading global mobile network operators, financial institutions, utilities companies and retail merchants, as a core technology provider.