October 3, 2011
MMA Publishes Permission Marketing White Paper
-Marks shift in mobile advertising from interruption to communication- 
London, 3rd October 2011, – The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) today announced the publication of its latest white paper, “Building Permission Based Mobile Marketing”. The white paper explains what permission based mobile marketing is, how it works and the benefits to consumers, brands, agencies and mobile network operators. All points are illustrated with examples and case studies from all over the world supplied by members of an MMA Task Force. This whitepaper is designed to help build recognition of permission based mobile marketing as a separate and distinct part of mobile marketing and is available to download from
The advent of mobile as the channel of choice for many consumers has allowed marketers to take permission marketing to a new level, allowing brands to fulfill CRM's promise of one-to-one marketing. It changes the advertising paradigm from interruption to communication, letting brands move from a broadcast monologue to dialogue and continuing, deepening engagement with loyal customers. Permission based mobile marketing is the only media channel that maintains the explicit agreement of the consumer to receive communication from and engage in dialogue with the brand, with important implications for consumer control and privacy. The MMA is publishing this white paper to help marketers accurately navigate these complex areas, including contributions from MMA Task Force members Alcatel-Lucent, Blyk, Gemalto, IMIMobile, Lenco, Maxis, O2, Out There Media, Pontiflex, Telefonica, Turkcell, Velti and Vodafone.
“Mobile phones are now the key device people use to interact with each other, information, services and entertainment. More and more people are using the mobile channel to shop for goods and services, heralding the era of the mobile consumer, so brands should be making the most of this always-on channel and ensuring they are communicating with their target audiences via mobile,” said Paul Berney, CMO & Managing Director of the MMA in EMEA. “Permission based mobile marketing in particular has the potential to enhance the quality of experience for mobile consumers which in turn will improve consumer loyalty and ultimately increase brand sales and therefore represents an important consideration for brands and marketers everywhere. With the publication of this whitepaper we hope to explain and simplify permission based mobile marketing for marketers to encourage them to make it part of their mobile strategies,” he continued.
To mark the launch of this whitepaper, the MMA has teamed up with mobileSQUARED for access:mobileROADSHOW: Permission-Based Marketing, taking place in London today October 3rd, to provide insight, knowledge, data and the latest case studies to help companies execute effective and creative permission based campaigns. For more information on this event please visit
About the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA)
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