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2ergo Announces Appointment of John Orlando as New Managing Director of the Americas

September 29, 2009
Submitted by 2ergo

28 September 2009 - 2ergo, a leading global provider of mobile enabling technology, has appointed John Orlando as Managing Director of 2ergo Americas as part of its ambitious global growth drive and has charged John with spearheading 2ergo’s expansion across the Americas.

"John has the vision, drive and ambition to take 2ergo Americas to the next level and keep us at the forefront of product development, delivery and client service," said Chris Brassington, Group Managing Director at 2ergo. "Over the last year 2ergo has continued to acquire businesses, grow operations across the globe and extend our product range and offering. John will play a vital role in expanding the business across the United States and Latin America and so deepening our global footprint. His appointment marks an exciting phase for 2ergo."

A recognised and well-respected figure in the mobile communications industry, John's career has spanned the breadth of the mobile industry and he also serves as Vice Chairman and Marketing Chair of the Mobile Entertainment Forum Americas. John has worked with more than 30 mobile network operators in the United States and worldwide, capturing significant market share in the mobile media, entertainment and content space.

Prior to joining 2ergo, John was the Chief Marketing Officer at Livewire Mobile, a mobile personlization and music company where he played a critical role in shaping the company into a thought leader in the mobile entertainment sector. He was responsible for consumer marketing, corporate brand, services strategy, product roadmap, and research and development leading a team of 90 people. Before that, John held several positions at NMS Communications including Chief Marketing Officer, where he managed the global marketing team, as well as Director of Product Marketing, where he led the development of the MyCaller Ringback Tone product which is available to nearly 250 million subscribers.

"The opportunity is vast. Mobile communications has reached the point where it is taking over from traditional print and broadcast marketing channels. 2ergo recognises the unlimited potential of mobile marketing and has developed an exceptional range of products, which will ensure it leads the way as mobile evolves. I want to help more brands across the region realise the benefits from mobile," said Orlando.

John will spend three months at 2ergo's global headquarters in Manchester, England, and will commence his post in the United States on December 1st 2009.

About 2ergo
2ergo is a leading global provider of mobile enabling technology with a focus on mobile marketing, business, entertainment and media. Its product portfolio includes an innovative suite of mobile publishing, messaging, content management, smartphone applications, mobile payment and connectivity solutions to deliver a multi-dimensional approach to mobile marketing and mobile customer communications. 2ergo is used by global businesses, brands, marketing agencies, publishers and mobile network operators to take advantage of integrated mobile communications to increase sales, enhance customer experiences, mobilize business processes and reduce costs. Brands such as O2, Yahoo!, FOX News, National Geographic Channel, Rightmove, Microsoft and AT&T have all benefited from working with 2ergo.