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The Mobile Marketing Association launched its academic membership in January 2007. There are two categories of membership for academics: Institution and Individual. As an academic member, you or your accredited academic institution will have access to MMA statistics, metrics studies, and related research, as well as ability to reference findings in research. In addition, academic members are encouraged to submit articles to Academic Review, for inclusion in the MMA International Journal of Mobile Marketing.

The award-winning MMA International Journal of Mobile Marketing (IJMM) is published twice annually, in June and December. The journal provides a medium for academics, students, and industry professionals from around the world to share their insights and research on how the mobile channel can be effectively used for marketing. 

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A highlight of key academic benefits:
  • Receive special member-only discounts on industry publications, research and conferences, as well as member discounts at MMA events, conferences and training
  • Network with industry thought leaders to discuss issues and challenges
  • Gain access to valuable MMA and third party research
  • Join the MMA’s robust academic outreach program
  • Access a section on MMA Web site to post research surveys and a citations database
  • Opportunity to share and post unpublished research and findings on MMA Member forums to gain feedback
  • Soon to be launched Certified Mobile Marketer program

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