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Soulflower (PT Invent India Pvt Ltd)

Soulflower (PT Invent India Pvt Ltd)

Soulflower is India's first farm-to-face clean beauty brand, backed by Wipro. We offer simple and easy-to-use, natural, and organic skin & hair care solutions.
The inspiration behind every product formulation is deeply rooted in natural remedies. These products are made from fresh ingredients on their own certified organic farm. The products are full of the therapeutic magic of organic herbs and this moves us every day to make better offerings that harmonize body, mind & soul.

We are female-founded & are committed to discovering and delivering visible, proven results for everyone. We have helped over 1.5 million people worldwide in bringing their hair and skin back to life.

We're socially responsible & strive to support tribal women and their families. Along with this, we plant a tree on our own farm on every purchase the customers make and feed 500 strays a day.


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This company is not currently participating in any MMA programs.