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PT Kino Indonesia Tbk

PT Kino Indonesia Tbk

PT Kino Indonesia Tbk is the leading and established consumer goods company in Indonesia. As well as competing domestically, Kino also conducting business development by opening branch offices overseas.
Founded in 1991 by Harry Sanusi, our companies manufacture and market quality products from personal care, beverages, food and pharmaceuticals.

Kino product quality has met international qualification standards, as evidenced by the increasing market demand from all over the world. Despite its rapid development, the company is not complacent and realizes that it must continue to maintain success and therefore, must continue to excel. To date, Kino has 33 brands, some of which have won recognition as consumer brand choice. We produce trusted local brands like Ellips, Ovale, Sleek Baby, Cap Kaki Tiga, B&B Kids and many more.


MMA Program Participation

This company is not currently participating in any MMA programs.