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PNJ JSC was established on April 28th, 1988 when Vietnamese jewelry industry was gradually disappearing, artisans and jewelers were no longer attached to their profession. From a gold and silver shop in Phu Nhuan District, with 20 people and the first capital of VND 14 million (equivalent to 7,4 taels of gold at that time). Up to now, PNJ has had a team of more than 6000 employees and owned a leading modern jewelry factory in Asia and a retail network of more than 350 stores in 53 provinces and cities nationwide, with 3000 wholesale customers, products are exported to 13 countries and territories. PNJ’s products have reached millions of customers every year. A series of masterpieces not only affirms the world-class craftsmanship but also contributes to promoting the Vietnamese national identity to all over the world, confirming the position of a Vietnamese jewelry brand. The enterprise’s achievements are continuously recognized by domestic and international organizations with many prestigious awards. In 2020, PNJ officially became the Most outstanding enterprise in Asia-Pacific in the Asian jewelry industry, bring Vietnamese jewelry industry to the top of the continent. At the same time, on that process, with the str ate p y of integrating social and community goals into economic goals, PNJ has become a pioneer, typical and ideal model for sustainable development of Asian business community.

The vision of "Becoming a leading Asian company in jewelry manufacturing and retailing products that honor beauty, reaching out to the world' has helped PNJ propose sophisticated strategies with an overview, always be prepared for acting in all situations, recognize opportunities and threats so that the company maintains its unique position in Vietnamese jewelry industry, affirming its position as a world-class jewelry brand. This comes from the background that PNJ is cur rently a pioneer in app lying modern technology combined with traditional manual methods to jewelry manufacturing. This is one of the important factors that help PNJ be honored as the Best Jewelry Manufacturer in 2021 by the World Jewelry Industry and up to now, PNJ has been the only Vietnamesejewelry business receiving this prestigious award

Since 2007 PNJ has been ranked in the top 200 largest enterprises in Vietnd m by th e U nited Natio ns Development Program (UNDP). For many years, PNJ has always been in the Top 500 leading retailers in the Asia Pacific voted by Retail Asia magazine, Top 20 major jewelry manufacturing companies worldwide ranked by Plimsoll organization - UK, Vietnamese High-Quality Goods award for 22 consecutive years, 6 times honored with National Brand, Stimes inTop 10 of 100 Sustainable Development Enterprises in Vietnam, Best workplace in Asia, 5 times in Top 100 best workplaces in Vietnam, 5 consecutive years in Top 50 best listed companies in Vietnam, Top 50 most profitabI e bus ines ses in Vietnam, Billio n dol lar enterprise, Top 40 Most Valuable Brands in Vietnam, Third Class Independence Medal, Most outstanding enterprise in Asia-Pacific in the Asian jewelry industry - JNA and PNJ was honored as the Best Jewel ry Manufacturer in 2021 by the World Jewelry Industry and up to now, PNJ has been the only Vietnamese jewelry business receiving this prestigious award, typical enterprise of Ho Chi Minh City 2020, the First Prize of Gender Equality in the Industry, etc. and many other prestigious domestic and international awards.

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