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Madhouse Inc.

Madhouse is the leading mobile advertising platform company operating both a mobile Ad network & a mobile DSP, and servicing world’s 2 largest emerging markets (China and India). Madhouse optimizes outcomes for advertisers, mobile publishers through its three key service offerings:

  • SmartMad Mobile Ad Network: Launched in 2006, composed of more than 25,000 major publisher sites and apps, SmartMad is China's most intelligent mobile web & in–App ad network, representing more than 80% of total smartphone internet users in China.
  • Optimad Mobile DSP and Service: Launched in 2012, Through tracking, analysis, and optimization this highly intelligent platform optimizes ad spend and conversion for mobile enterprise clients, including app marketers and mobile commerce advertisers to help maximizing their mobile advertising ROI.
  • MadSolutions: Provides innovative mobile marketing solutions and full range campaign management services including creative and production for mobile ads, mobile website and mobile app as well as cross media integration, all of which are tailored to maximize cross-media effectiveness and consumer engagement. 



MMA Program Participation

This company is not currently participating in any MMA programs.