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Biti’s is the leading footwear brand in Vietam manufacturing and retailing its shoes and owning its prestige through high quality products since 1982. To fulfill the mission of “Embracing every Vietnamese feet”, Biti’s – the leading footwear brand in Vietnam, has a wide range of product categories including flip flops, sandals, fashion shoes, sport shoes, from adults to kids, both for male and female. Biti’s is the outsourcing unit of famous international brands and is the first and only foootwear licensee of Disney in Vietnam market thanks to our high-quality products. Biti’s products are very popular in Vietnam since 1982, especially children footwear, with the positioning “Embrace happy steps of childhood”.
Besides, first launched at the end of 2016, Biti’s Hunter – sport shoes brand from Biti’s - came to the market with the unique feature “Light as Flying”, enabling the best comfort for consumers’ journeys in life. Biti’s Hunter has successfully become a well-known brand among Vietnamese young generation.


MMA Program Participation

This company is not currently participating in any MMA programs.