Avataar | MMA


Avataar.Me is a 3D AI company that helps large enterprise customers create immersive and interactive shopping experiences for their end consumers. Avataar’s vision is to bridge the gap between offline-online experiences by replacing the current 2D visuals with life-size and hyper-realistic 3D XR/AR experiences. Avataar’s use of AR technology brings spatial depth to the onscreen buying/browsing experience - delivering life-like photorealism, mobile responsiveness, interactivity and personalization – key influences re-shaping the digital commerce industry today. Avataar's sector-agnostic platform enables scalable product discovery, giving brands and stores the opportunity to change the way consumers discover and engage with their products online. We work with e-commerce, consumer electronics, auto OEMs and FMCG majors across the US, India and Southeast Asia - driving significant RoI outcomes for marquee brands across these sectors by empowering XR & AR consumer experiences across all their touchpoints - social, web, and in-app.


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