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Adlook Services sp. z o.o.

Adlook Services sp. z o.o.

Founded in 2022, Adlook merges the art of advertising with the science of technology, drawing on deep learning to develop impactful and privacy-dedicated solutions. Catering to the world's leading brands and advertising agencies, Adlook, through its cutting-edge DSP, provides tailored services designed for customized and outcome-based advertising solutions. These offerings align closely with diverse client needs, promoting marketing success and a positive digital ecosystem impact while prioritizing user privacy.

As early adopters of Chrome's Privacy Sandbox and the Protected Audience API, Adlook collaborates closely with Google to lead the shift towards a safer, privacy-focused advertising landscape. This collaboration and Adlook's strategic role within the RTB House Group bolster its internet presence and ensure high standards of brand safety and creativity. Through innovation and dedication to privacy, Adlook navigates towards a cookieless world, aiming to redefine advertising standards.

Operating across the Americas and EMEA, Adlook integrates with 700+ publishers for a 95% internet reach. As a one-stop shop, it enhances campaigns in premium and broad contexts, securing guaranteed results for clients like Sanofi, Mars, and Heinz.


MMA Program Participation

This company is not currently participating in any MMA programs.