MMA Mastering Attribution Webinar Series

The MMA continues to be the industry leader in spearheading the discussions and producing acceleration tools around Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA).

Please sign up for one or more groups by e-mailing [email protected] and tell us which group(s) you would like to join:

  • Marketer MTA Journey Map: mapping out the process by which a marketer moves from a stage of little familiarity with MTA, to successful pilot studies, all the way through to full scale adoption with impact.
  • “What CMOs need to know about” series. Distillations of tools and documents MATT has created, written for the CMO, to set the right agenda for successful MTA adoption.
  • “Walled Gardens”: understanding restrictions in user level data flows and what the successful workaround strategies are for marketers, especially in an age of GDPR.

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