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Marketing Capability Benchmark

How “mature” is your organization’s marketing capability benchmark?

We are inviting you and other CMOs/Senior Marketers to participate in a research study on Marketing Capabilities that MMA Global is conducting with professors from Emory University, Indiana University, and the University of Georgia.

After completing, you will receive a personalized capabilities benchmark report of your input relative to the full 1,000+ database.

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Estimated time to complete: 10 minutes

Individual answers are not shared, and reports will be based only on aggregate.

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Our benchmark dataset to date includes submissions from individuals at many of the biggest brands in the industry, including:

About the research:

This research has identified a revolutionary approach for CMOs to improve marketing performance and business growth through organizational design.

Grounded in statistics and academic rigor, this capability-based (vs structure-based) framework and assessment tool guides CMOs to design a marketing organization that possesses the capabilities needed to deliver on the enterprise strategy. At the foundation of this new approach are 72 newly-documented and evidence-based modern Marketing Capabilities.

From the prior phase of this research, we know that a 1% improvement in Marketing Capabilities fit for the average Fortune 500 company delivers a 2.5% improvement YoY in revenue growth rate and that Marketing Capabilities are stronger drivers of firm performance than either R&D Capabilities or Operations Capabilities.

Visit to learn more. You can also find a link to the article published in the Harvard Business Review on that page.