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Tailor-made mobile advertising and video delivery made easy (Dynetic)

May 22, 2007

Tailor-made mobile advertising and video delivery made easy

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Herndon, Virginia – May 3, 2007Dynetic Mobile Solutions, a software provider that enhances Web browsing on the mobile phone, today launched an optimized version of its mobile application development and content trans-coding platform. Called emoveo UAP™, the enhanced platform allows advertisers, media companies and content owners to create and build Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) sites and landing pages with video integration and an interface that works with all existing Web ad-serving technologies.

The software provides a professional WAP site development kit. In combination with Dynetic's universal ad-server transcoding interface, advertisers can set up mobile ad campaigns rapidly and easily. They do not need to change their existing ad serving infrastructure and are able to deliver ads and landing pages globally and with remarkably high quality.

Dynetic’s application development kit is enhanced by multimedia capabilities that enable businesses to deliver new forms of mobile advertising to handsets: streaming ads. Dynetic customers can professionally produce videos for mobiles, put a sponsor message before a video, trans-code the video automatically upon upload and deliver it as a download or a stream, depending on network bandwidth or phone capabilities.

With the help of Dynetic’s high quality device parameter database containing more than 4,400 mobile devices, advertisers can target special user groups. Dynetic’s latest project: the mobile applications provider will be the first to deliver live mobile streams for events such as the next Space Shuttle launch in the <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />U.S. scheduled for June to be provided by the only mobile service for space news worldwide: www.space2phone.com.


Already more than 100 top customers such as eBay, AOL, Weatherbug and Musicload are relying on the emoveo UAP software to deliver global off-deck mobile web and multimedia applications. Dynetic was the first to provide a mobile video platform, which launched in Europe in 2003 and is now available in the U.S. and Asia. Lately, Clipfish – Germany’s largest mobile video community – launched a mobile service based on the Dynetic platform. Dynetic’s emoveo UAP software is known to provide the best mobile web-site rendering quality on a global scale and is used by hundreds of customers to deliver their mobile Web Sites with advertising integration.

Conversion Artist

Dynetic Mobile Solutions, Inc. offers an easy solution out of the parameter jungle to mobile content, service and application providers: emoveo UAP™. Using emoveo UAP™, content and applications can be converted for delivery on almost every mobile device – regardless of the format and standard used. The trans-coding occurs automatically, allowing the content to adjust to the mobile device and being displayed according to the screen size. The emoveo UAP™ software recognizes roughly 4,400 mobile devices from Western and Eastern Europe, Asia, and North America. Monthly routine updates ensure that the devices are always up to date. Even previously launched cell phones are supported. This is guaranteed by controlling around 650 different parameters. Innovation counts most: Dynetic is already testing mobile handsets’ AJAX capabilities, which enable the mobile services of the future. With emoveo UAP™, manual testing and customizing devices are no longer an issue for mobile content owners and distributors.

From Downloads to Communities to Mobile Shops

Using emoveo UAP™, enterprises can tap into the vast potential of mobile phones, whether they want to display their traditional online material in a mobile way or develop new business ideas – from mobile portals to social community sites. Dynetic consults closely with its customers and jointly develops tailor-made applications based on the emoveo UAP™ platform. Multimedia offerings like video and music can be formatted for the mobile Internet in no time at all with the Mobile Video Converter (MVC) and the Mobile Sound Converter (MSC). Digital Rights Management issues are strictly observed. From service invoices to mobile store openings, mobile payment interfaces are no problem. Mobile clients can also be set up via Dynetic technology – for Java, Symbian and BREW. In addition to mobilizing content and applications, emoveo UAP™ allows companies to broaden their advertising strategy and supplement online offers with features such as ad banners, for example. With the emoveo UAP™ Ad Server Software, live reporting allows a detailed overview on mobile advertising results.

Dynetic solutions GmbH

Dynetic is a mobile software provider that offers a unique platform for transforming any kind of mobile content for a wide range of mobile devices. Called emoveo UAP, the platform allows mobile content professionals to develop, operate and manage applications for about 4,000 devices. More than 100 companies already deliver their mobile content using the emoveo platform, including eBay, T-Mobile, AOL, weatherbug, RTL, and ADAC as well as renowned media like Der Spiegel (Spiegel.de), and the soccer magazine Kicker (kicker.de). Dynetic is based in Kaiserslautern, Germany with a subsidiary in Herndon, Virginia, and has 50 employees. www.dynetic.net



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