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Wednesday, May 19, 2021

11:00 AM – 11:10 AM ET

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MMA Global
SVP – Head of Industry Research

11:10AM – 11:55AM ET

Session 1

CMO Debate Panel

This debate will include CMO panelists, each in support of one of the presented marketing growth frameworks. The CMOs will debate via a live, in-person or virtual session, discussing the merits and disadvantages of each framework from an executive perspective.

Chief Marketing Officer
General Motors
Former Chief Marketing Officer
President and Chief Executive Officer
The Jim Stengel Company, LLC
President, Diageo Beer Company, USA
Diageo Beer
Chief Intelligence Officer
Omnicom Media Group

11:55AM – 12:20PM ET

Session 2

How to Manage Attribution’s Short-Term Pains to Win Big Future Gains

Attribution is hard. There’s a good chance your organization will have to fix nagging data management challenges and organizational silos before you can expect any MTA solution to work. But with the pressure to survive and thrive in a post-cookie, walled garden world, marketers must have customer-level insights to build a truly customer-first marketing strategy. Join Marc Vermut, VP The Knowledge Lab at Neustar, who sits down with a Fortune50 brand leader to discuss their partnership in building an advanced marketing analytics practice, leveraging MTA to optimize marketing investments, and the roadmap for success any top brand needs to get started on this journey.


VP, The Knowledge Lab
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12:20PM – 12:35PM ET

Virtual Break

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12:35PM – 1:00PM ET

Session 3

MMA State of the MTA Benchmarking Survey- 2020 Edition

For the last 5 years, the MMA has been surveying marketers to benchmark the latest trends in MTA adoption and use. In this session, MMA’s SVP of Research and Insights Vas Bakopoulos shares the latest results featuring new trends into how marketers are using MTA today, their level of satisfaction and ROI from those solutions and other practices being used in measurement and attribution. He will also discuss challenges in MTA implementation and how the journey to adoption is changing in today’s evolving digital ecosystem and the need for more consumer data privacy and transparency.

SVP – Head of Industry Research

1:00PM – 1:30PM ET

Session 4

Identity Crisis: What The Loss Of Identifiers Will Mean to Advertisers

The deprecation of cookies and impact of the iOS 14 privacy update is having reverberating effects throughout the advertising ecosystem. As a result, marketers are looking to understand which identity solutions will help them connect identifies across various data silos and future proof their media spend. This panel discussion ponders what identifier marketers will use to transact with in the future, discuss current solutions and media strategies being tested and how to differentiate between identity solutions.


Chief Data Strategy Officer, U.S.
Senior Director US Mobile Carrier Marketing
Director of Attribution & Digital Performance
Ziff Media Group
Former Vice President, Strategy
Principal Analyst
eMarketer, an Insider Intelligence brand
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1:30 PM – 1:45 PM


How Targeting the 'Movable Middle' Drives Brand Growth


Marketers are under a false impression that targeting non- brand buyers via a broad reach media plan is the best way to drive incremental sales and long-term growth. A foundational study by the MMA and Neustar proves this is wrong. Actually, the most productive approach is to target a consumer segment called the Movable Middle. Evidence will be presented as to how this new strategy increases ROAS by 50% AND drives more conversion of non-buyers vs. reach based media plans.​

MMA MTA Expert & President
Rubinson Partners, Inc.

1:45PM – 1:55PM ET

Virtual Break

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1:55PM – 2:25PM ET

Session 5

Mapping the Future of MTA in a Post IDFA, Cookie-less World

Many marketers have dedicated years and resources into creating a unified measurement approach. With so many industry changes taking place in 2021 and beyond, this is leaving marketers to deliberate how they will continue their attribution efforts. Bringing together marketer and experts, this panel discussion will look to address alternatives around the loss of IDs and tips for getting around these limitations, managing measurement gaps and how to factor the cost of measurement and activation in your MTA ROI.



Founder & CEO
VP, Analytics
VP Growth, Clorox DTC
The Clorox Company
Principal Analyst
In Partnership With:

2:25PM – 2:55PM ET

Session 6

Quality Over Quantity: How to Leverage your First-Party Data

According to Merkle’s recent 2021 Customer Engagement Report, 88% of marketers said collecting first-party data will be a 2021 priority. With the changing data privacy landscape, marketers have increased pressure to invest in methods of getting their audiences to register or subscribe. This panel will explore creative and compliant ways to drive more opt-ins, how 1st party data can inform audience retargeting strategies without pixels and cookies, and deploy it in a privacy-first manner that delivers more value to the consumer.


VP Marketing
Director, Analytics & Insights
Sr. Director, Customer Marketing & CRM
Chief Marketing Officer
CEO & Co-Founder
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2:55pm – 3:00pm ET

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