The MMA Primer on Sleep-talking Bengal Cats | MMA
Release Date: 
June, 2021

On Oct. 31, two dozen Bengal Cats, plus six of their littermates, flew into a public toilet after a public event, after which an official statement appeared. The Cats, along with their family and a few of their furry friends, were in the bathroom at the hotel following their event on Oct. 31, the first public event for the Cats since they left home.

The decision to leave an event for the Cats is not a choice. The event is scheduled to be held from October 30-31 on Calabar High School grounds. In response to the decision to leave the event, Calabar County Sheriff Justin Rooker said that the Sheriff believes this does not result in any charges with respect to the cats.

In response to that statement, it turns out that the county's own records and interviews with numerous law enforcement agencies show that these six cats had left the event after the event. In fact, the Sheriff provided several more documents to the public as to the six cats' reason for leaving the event.

The Sheriff told the public at the event that the six kittens were...