The Year of Change in Digital Marketing – Privacy, Identity & Regulatory Shifts | MMA Global

New insights from a survey by the MMA, in partnership with the BCG, reveal that marketers are struggling to adapt to the shifting identity, privacy and regulatory landscape.

Among the key findings in The Year of Change In Digital Marketing report include:

Uncertainty Abounds:

  • 50% of marketers believe their CMO does not fully understand implications of changing privacy regulations and only 12% of marketers feel fully prepared for upcoming changes.

The Cookie Effect:

  • Marketers expect, at minimum, a 22% reduction in marketing ROI due to the pending 3rd party cookie depreciation.
  • As the end nears for 3rd party cookies, savvy companies increased their first party data by an average of 31% in 2021.
  • The shift to new identifiers is happening but slowly as 50% of marketers still expect to rely on cookie-based solutions in the next two years, however 90% are testing at least one new identity solution.

The Tech Impact:

  • While 60% of marketers have invested in Data Management Platforms (DMP), the majority expect the future to be in the cloud and Customer Data Platforms (CDP).
  • Chief among the most important criteria when it comes to tech include affordability, compliance, and ability to track via cross-platform.

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