Google: Thanks to a new mobile strategy using enhanced campaigns, Sk:n Clinics’ call centre sees calls increase 42% | MMA Global

Google: Thanks to a new mobile strategy using enhanced campaigns, Sk:n Clinics’ call centre sees calls increase 42%

November 12, 2014

In the past, Sk:n Clinics used paid search to generate enquiries, directing potential customers to the website to fill in an online form and request a free consultation. Conversion rates on mobile were low however, due in large part to the brand’s lack of a mobile-specific website.

Mobile proves its power

Sk:n tasked its agency Net Media Planet with improving conversions from mobile paid search without building a new site especially for mobile. The agency’s first move was to create a click-to-call campaign, which enabled the user to make just one click from the search ad to be connected to an advisor. Consumers were directed to make calls rather than visiting the website, and messaging was tailored to persuade them to call immediately.

Using ad rotation and ad scheduling within the AdWords interface, the click-to-call campaign was run in a split test against the existing mobile campaign. Results showed that the click-to-call conversion rate was 26 times higher than that of the standard mobile campaign, while the enquiry-to-consultation conversion rate for the click-to-call mobile campaign was 2.2 times higher compared to all search channels.

These numbers clearly demonstrated the importance of mobile to Sk:n’s business, and supported Net Media Planet’s consumer research. “Sk:n offers a range of services which address personal, sensitive topics,” explains the agency’s managing director Sri Sharma. “Mobile enables clients to research sensitive subjects at times and in places that are convenient to them on their terms. The majority of Sk:n’s clients are busy working people who are on the go, and importantly, would prefer to speak to a consultant rather than fill in website forms. Mobile offers a way for clients to connect with Sk:n at a time and place that is convenient to them.”

Priority on performance

Net Media Planet used the new features of AdWords enhanced campaigns to streamline the Sk:n account and drive further performance, particularly through mobile. The team began by using historic performance data to develop a new targeting strategy across device, time, location and demographic.

To ensure Sk:n appeared in the optimum positions on keywords, reaching the target audience at the right time and place, the agency set up bid multipliers to optimise by device. Based on the demonstrated importance of mobile in the conversion path, the mobile bid multipliers were set higher than CPCs from the brand’s previous mobile-specific campaigns, and also up to 200% higher than for desktop and tablets. This measure aimed to secure a high level of exposure on mobile devices by maintaining above-the-fold positions.

Net Media Planet then scheduled extensions to show time-specific messages, such as the opening hours of each clinic, which change daily. Click-to-call extensions were scheduled to appear only during call centre hours as a means of driving more call conversions during peak converting hours. The team also added Adgroup level sitelinks to increase the CTR for top converting keywords through more targeted ad messaging. And in an effort to efficiently reach consumers who had the highest potential to convert, bid multipliers were established to target consumers by demographic. Finally, Net Media Planet set up bid multipliers to target consumers by location, lowering bids in low converting areas. This not only enabled the brand to reach consumers in high converting areas, but also provided the facility to support promotions at specific clinic locations.

A worthy endeavour

Thanks to the agency’s savvy use of enhanced campaigns, performance improved almost immediately. In the first month, calls grew 42%. Conversions increased by 7% in prime locations, and the overall CTR also increased by 6%.

“The enhanced campaigns platform has helped to streamline campaign management whilst offering new optimisation features to help drive further performance,” Sri observes. “For example, we can quickly test and optimise areas that are performing well, and reduce spend in lower performing areas. By using the optimisation levers in enhanced campaigns we can do this testing and exploration quickly and efficiently, enabling us to maintain optimum performance. Broadly this means that we are better able to reach and engage with Sk:n’s clients, and this means that we can better meet Sk:n’s objectives of driving more incoming business enquiries, particularly through mobile.”