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The Q4 Scramble: 5 Marketing Tactics That Actually Work

November 29, 2016
Time always flies when you’re busy. And when it comes to holiday season, it appears before we know it. So here we are – holiday-ready. The remainder of your marketing and advertising dollars can go a long, long way during peak shopping season which takes place right around the beginning of December. Therefore, it's critical that you spend where it matters most (i.e. where your customers are browsing). Similarly, it’s imperative to stop relying on the same old marketing tactics – by now, they’re worn and tired. Not to mention, holiday shoppers are a jumbled bunch; one day they’re purchasing at a nearby mall, and the next they’re browsing online – visiting one site after another over a cup coffee. We know this because we are those very holiday shoppers. And let’s agree, getting our attention is hard work. So what’s the best way to appear at the top of our go-to shopping destination list? Hint: Data transparency and scalability. Without further ado, here are five NEW must-know strategies for reaching holiday shoppers that actually work.