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LC Waikiki: Raising brand awareness and boosting sales with Facebook video ads

June 19, 2019

Starting out in France in 1988, today LC Waikiki is Turkey’s largest affordable fashion company and the market leader in 15 other countries. Becoming a Turkish brand in 1997, it now operates in 43 countries with 868 stores. LC Waikiki believes that everyone deserves to dress well.

LC Waikiki wanted to launch its new Bosphorus denim collection to a wider audience and boost sales, not only for this collection, but for all its denim lines. It also wanted to share its success as the world’s leading Turkish jeans company.

Telling the Bosphorus collection story

To attract new customers and raise awareness of its success in Turkey and beyond, LC Waikiki created a high-quality video ad campaign for Facebook and Instagram. The denim collection took inspiration from the azure shades of the Bosphorus—the Strait of Istanbul—so this is where the campaign was shot. Creating a TV-style commercial that was then adapted for mobile and web, the ad aimed to pique curiosity by telling a love story set by these waters.

SEM Media Agency aimed the targeting at harder-to-reach men aged 18–45. The campaign used a funnel approach, first reaching a broad audience and then retargeting ads to interested viewers: LC Waikiki website visitors, those who spent most time watching the campaign, and lookalike audiences. Collaborating with Facebook Creative Shop and creative partner United Plankton, different ads were tailored for Facebook and Instagram.

Ads ran during the spring period when jeans sales tend to pick up, and appeared in long, medium and short edits in Facebook and Instagram feed, alongside Instagram Stories.

Making a splash

This stylish campaign helped LC Waikiki successfully launch its new Bosphorus denim collection and also raised the company’s profile. Between May 8–31, 2018, the company reached a total of 3.84 million people on Facebook and Instagram, and jeans sales significantly increased:

  • 65% increase in sales compared to the pre-ad period
  • 7-point increase in ad recall
  • 7-point increase in campaign awareness
  • 8-point increase in purchase consideration

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