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Increasing Brand Visibility through Facebook Page Like Ads

January 23, 2019

OBJECTIVE Increase brand visibility through growing the fans community. The client had 45 days left to get 50,000 fans to its Facebook pages before closing the fiscal year. STRATEGY Seeking to increase Labyes’ brands visibility on Facebook, Blinker (Labyes’ marketing agency) partnered with Adglow to increase the fan base of two of its brands: Labyes and Protech. Adglows’ plan involved using their proprietary social ad management tool, ADAM, and its advanced functions to create multiple ad sets according to the target audience. This allowed us to work separately with men and women in different regions of Argentina with different ad sets, showing different and relevant ads to each of the groups. At the same time, while the campaign progressed, we created different lookalike audiences based on the users that engaged with the Labyes or Protech Facebook pages or that liked the pages in the last 30 days.