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February 24, 2015
Submitted by Fiksu

Fiksu and Facebook Helped Shotzoom's Golfshot Generate Over 1M Downloads Across 50 Countries

Fiksu's programmatic media buying and optimization tools for Facebook helped Shotzoom scale their business and lower their user acquisition costs.

Challenge: Cost Effectively Scale User Base and Validate Business Model

App developer Shotzoom had seen success with several golf-focused paid apps, but the introduction of their free-to-download Golfshot app for iOS and Android presented a new challenge. Shotzoom decided to look for an experienced partner who could help them develop a profitable mobile marketing strategy for their new business model.

The standards were high: Ben Addoms, Shotzoom's President, had started one of the original web ad serving companies and had stringent requirements for measurement and optimization. "I wanted the tools and techniques for closed loop marketing that I was familiar with, but struggled to find partners that could provide them." Shotzoom's agency suggested Fiksu.

Approach: Apply Fiksu's Programmatic Tools to Facebook Campaign

During the initial launch, Fiksu and Shotzoom quickly determined that Facebook, with its market-leading reach and ability to segment audiences precisely, would be the cornerstone of Shotzoom's acquisition strategy. Other sources were added into the mix to supplement volume. Shotzoom's objective was to scale their business at a blended CPI of $1 between organic and paid app installs.

After seeing initial success with Facebook mobile app ads, Shotzoom's campaigns began to exhibit performance fatigue. Fiksu's programmatic tools for Facebook helped Shotzoom overcome this challenge in several ways:

  • Microtargeting—Fiksu tools identified hundreds of granular segments that yielded superior performance.
  • Automated creative testing—Continual refreshing and testing of new creatives and allocation tools.
  • Interests—Fiksu tools to content mine Facebook interests identified new audiences that yielded additional volume.
  • Lookalike audiences—identified monetizing audiences using Fiksu segmentation tools, and leveraged Facebook lookalike audiences to expand volume.
  • Automated bidding and budgeting—continuously allocates budget to the best performing microtargets and eliminates inefficient segments.
  • Retargeting—re-engaged with specific segments that had been inactive, and reminded them to come back to the app.


Just as golfers can learn from a pro to improve their game, Shotzoom found Fiksu's expertise, technology, and access to mobile sources critical to improving their user acquisition game. With the help of Fiksu, Shotzoom generated over 1 million downloads of Golfshot across 50 countries and validated its business model.

Additionally, working with Fiksu enabled Shotzoom to rapidly grow their user base while maintaining CPI within target levels. CPIs were below $3 and overall cost per download was under their $1 goal. In addition, the trial registration rate was over 50%. As an early adopter of retargeting (due to the seasonal nature of golf), Fiksu was also able to help Shotzoom reactivate a user at one-third the cost of acquiring a new user.

"Fiksu enabled us to scale and reach top 5 in our category while achieving our cost and ROI goals," said Shotzoom President Ben Addoms.