Near: Intelligently targeted Mobile Ads powered by Near help Audi reinforce benefits of its quattro technology to consumers and make it applicable for Singapore | Mobile Marketing Association
March 19, 2015
Submitted by AdNear



Audi Singapore wanted to reinforce benefits of its quattro technology, Audi’s signature all-wheel drive technology which has long been associated with making drivers feel safe and confident when driving in adverse conditions. The campaign was also to establish Singapore as the land of quattro with its challenging road conditions.
Audi Singapore decided to run a campaign on smartphones & tablets using Near to reach out to its target segment, the affluent and technologically savvy at the most relevant time. Adverse road conditions were identified as “quattro” zones, and the in-app ad was shown to the consumers as soon as they entered the zone. This was in addition to the already present TVC, Social Media campaign and Video Teasers, but linked road challenges in Singapore to Audi’s Quattro technology. 
The CTR for the campaign was high at 1.6%.