Radiant: SAY


Campaign Summary

Radiant launched SAY, a mobile app that provides a safe environment for families to share fun conversations privately.


Objective and Context:

In April 2019, Radiant created a social app for family conversations. Sharing jokes, fun videos, and warm memories could be done privately and without interruptions from paid ads or political rants.

The strategic challenges were multi-faceted. In addition to competing with other social media platforms, Radiant had to determine which generation within the family structure would be more valuable to target. The choices were to engage parents, and then have them share the app with their kids, or drive app growth with children themselves. And once the target audience was determined, Radiant needed to use its creative to maximize both conversion and in-app engagement. The app's success was measured by audience growth and ongoing creative and media optimization results, which were both used to guide future marketing efforts.

Target Audience:

The initial target audience was American families with at least one child who was old enough to have a smartphone and who downloaded apps independently of parents. Radiant first tried to focus on both segments of parents and teens, but ultimately decided to dedicate its targeting solely to parents after creative testing proved this group showed the most engagement following the initial app installation.

Creative Strategy:

After determining the messaging and visuals that resonated strongest with parents, Radiant used a combination of Apple Search Ads, Facebook, and targeted media buys. It also optimized media allocations at every opportunity, which enabled Radiant to reduce the cost of not only app installation, but additional events farther down the conversion funnel, such as invites sent from one family member to another and mobile codes to confirm participation.


Overall Campaign Execution:

Radiant tested and optimized every product and marketing element, including:

  • In-app design
  • Ad messaging
  • Mobile media channels
  • Micro-segments
  • Apple Search Ad keywords

The total campaign optimization resulted in a higher percentage of engaged users, which primed SAY for further growth and expansion.

Mobile Execution:

Radiant allocated 100 percent of the campaign’s $130,000 quarterly media budget to mobile. Reasons for doing so included:

  • Mobile’s effectiveness for testing and optimizing creative
  • Mobile’s ability to quickly and effectively communicate the product itself and its unique selling propositions
  • Mobile’s ability to optimize events deep in the conversion funnel, beyond cost per installation

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

Radiant had an initial goal of 30,000 app installations within the first quarter of launching. SAY received 58,234 downloads, which exceeded the target by 98 percent. This allowed Radiant to lower the cost per install from $4.38 at the campaign onset to $1.77. It also decreased the cost per invite sent from $37.01 to $8.89, which significantly freed up the media budget for further expansion.

As controversies continue to grow around major social media platforms, SAY wanted to provide an alternative and be an app that parents encouraged their children to use. SAY's initial success with families has opened the door to further app expansion, where users can continue to enjoy safe and fun conversations, but also with users outside of their families who have similar interests.

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