Yapı Kredi: Yapı Kredi Digital Onboarding via Video Assistant


Campaign Summary

Customers today use technology across all facets of their lives, including banking. Turkish bank Yapı Kredi wanted to give new customers the option to open an account without having to visit a bank in person, so it created a way to conduct that service via its app. These customers could complete an online form through the app and verify their identity via a video call with a service representative. Over 15,000 customers have used this service since it was rolled out.


Objective and Context:

Yapı Kredi is undergoing a digital transformation to keep up with rising customer expectations. It wants to make its products accessible and convenient, so it created a process to bring in new customers digitally. The service allowed users to become customers without having to visit a branch in-person.

Target Audience:

The target audience consisted of Turkish citizens between the ages of 18 and 45. They are mobile users and are eligible to open a bank account. This generation prefers mobile experiences, and these customers have limited time to visit bank branches to make transactions.

Creative Strategy:

To build awareness of opening an account through the mobile app, the brand developed a message that helped customers see they could open a bank account anywhere. The media strategy was shaped according to econometric modeling. Analysis of the modeling helped Yapı Kredi determine that TV and out-of-home are the best media to use to introduce new products, and radio was used as a support medium. Seventy percent of the campaign's digital media investments were with mobile platforms.


Overall Campaign Execution:

To become a Yapı Kredi customer, users would begin by downloading the bank's app to their iPhone or Android device. Next, users would complete a short application form within the app. As a final step, users initiated a video call with a service representative to verify their identity with the bank. After that, customers could begin to use many banking features. Due to legal regulations, the bank also sends a hard copy of the customer statement to the new customers via courier. The documents must be returned with a physical signature to allow additional banking activities to take place.

Mobile Execution:

The process of becoming Yapı Kredi customer with video identification is completed via the mobile app. Even though a variety of media channels were used to promote the service, the service itself takes place on mobile.

In the past, to open a bank account, a customer would need to visit a bank branch, wait to meet a Relationship Manager, and sign documents. This new method provides a seamless experience.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

Since November 2018, 15,000 customers have used this service. After the campaign ended, Yapı Kredi ran a brand lift survey on YouTube. It showed a 1.6 percent lift in the Relative Lift category and 1.6 percent lift in the Absolute Lift category.

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