P/S: The AI Dentist


Campaign Summary

In Vietnam, beauty is intrinsic to social fabric of the country, and the need for a superior toothpaste for the perfect white smile was an opportunity for P/S.

Dental care for generations has primarily always focused on cavities. With changing lifestyles and food habits, consumers have started seeking additional benefits for themselves. Along with this, the need for whitening has grown.

Additionally, as consumer needs grow, so does their knowledge of harmful effects of chemicals often found in beauty products. P/S wanted to create an alternative that was harmless but also effective.

P/S introduced its P/S Whitening product with an advanced formula using natural ingredients including charcoal and bamboo, citing that charcoal gently polishes away tooth stains, restoring white teeth, and that bamboo extract provides anti-bacterial benefits and freshness.


P/S decided to target beauty-conscious women between the ages of 25 and 45. This target are perfectionists and progressively minded. They are well aware of and place a higher value on products made from natural ingredients, as they believe they will bring good health for their family.

The company's objective was to increase awareness of the new product and grab the attention of beauty-conscious women.

Objective and Context:

The P/S AI Dentist was created. Using AI technology with facial and teeth recognition, P/S got the AI Dentist to engage with beauty-conscious consumers as a way to check their whitening levels.

Target Audience:

To increase awareness, the company promoted its key message educating women across various touchpoints on mobile phones. Users were then directed to the White Smile ID Hub where the company leveraged a first-of-its-kind technology.

Creative Strategy:

Execution happened in three ways:

  • To leverage mobile phone behavior, the brand built a microsite, “White Smile ID,” with AI technology. Users were asked to select their age and gender, then take or upload their picture with smiles to test their teeth. The technology could detect their face and their smile, and then compare it to the standard of whitening provided by the Dental Association of Vietnam.
  • By using key consumer inputs, the team used predictive analysis to build a consumer lifestyle portrait and highlighted the importance of P/S Whitening in the user’s life.
  • To further take this experience from online to offline, and continue being disruptive, P/S launched an in-store activation including AI-integrated booths.


Overall Campaign Execution:

At different whitening levels, users were given surprise gifts such as e-commerce codes and discount codes to buy P/S products or receive P/S samples. The P/S AI Dentist highlighted a unique brand experience by giving consumers a reality check while also encouraging users to try P/S products.

The White Smile ID gave users an identification of the whitening levels in their teeth, providing them with invaluable information. By strategically overlaying the facial and teeth recognition technology to induce sampling, P/S promoted its message by educating consumers about its product and also building credibility for being the No 1. natural solution for whitening and oral health.

Mobile Execution:

Mobile is the source of information, inspiration, and entertainment for the target audiences; this demographic in particular are in a constant search to find solutions that improve their lifestyle. According to research reported by the company, 57 percent of this demographic says mobile is essential to their life, 95.7 percent have access to the internet every day, and 92.8 percent visit social networks daily.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

The company's market share increased by 2.4 percent and garnered 1.7 million new buyers within six months of its launch. In addition, penetration rose to 5.1 percent in urban areas and 2.7 percent in rural areas. Five million views were reached on media and 5.1 million users were reached by a display banner. Ultimately, 150,000 users engaged with the AI Dentist in the White Smile ID hub.

Categories: Promotion | Industries: Health & Beauty | Objectives: Promotion | Awards: NA Finalist