P/S: Ready Player: Mom


Campaign Summary

In Vietnam, the dental care and anti-cavity segment is the biggest needed segment among consumers. But with consumer lifestyles changing and food habits getting fragmented, P/S, the leading player in this segment for years, started losing on its core cavity protection attribute.


Objective and Context:

P/S established a dual objective: to launch and to upgrade consumers to its new premium anti-cavity product and increase consumption in 2018.

Target Audience:

In Vietnam, cavities and tooth decay are on the rise among kids (for instance, 80 percent of kids have tooth decay as per National Institute of Dental Surgery Vietnam and World Health Organization).

Sugar and sweets are intrinsic to the food of Vietnam, and a cause of cavities; this presents a huge problem for parents to tackle. P/S targeted millennial moms between the ages of 25 and 35. Family is a priority and they want the best solutions for their family; they want to provide delicious family meals while also keeping their families healthy. Kids are the key influencers who will affect a mom's behavior.

To protect them from cavities, moms usually forbid their kids from eating sweets like candy and chocolate. They encourage their kids to consume other non-sweet foods such as bread, rice, pasta, and fruits instead. However, it will surprise parents that sugar can be hiding in any common food that their kids are eating daily. They would need a much stronger oral care solution.

In terms of media habits, while TV is a part of a mom's daily media consumption, mobile has become the most popular platform for inspiration, interest, and information. Moms spend most of their time on social media (66 percent accessing social networks), reading news (50 percent), watching online videos (29 percent), and gaming (24 percent), according to Vietnam Touchpoint in 2017.

Additionally, dual consumption of the mobile phone is on the rise; 80 percent of kids use a smartphone for at least for two hours every day. Fifty-five percent of kids play games on a parent's mobile phone, according to Totally Awesome APAC Kids' Digital Insights 2018.

Creative Strategy:

A peek into the lives of young mothers revealed how busy and tiring a normal day was for them, and how little time they had for themselves. Any free time that they found was spent on light and easy activities like social media, online videos, and gaming. The company had to create a product experience solution that would allow a serious message like tooth decay among kids to be delivered in a light and easy manner.

While most brands focus on using passive media like TV and social media platforms, many did not utilize how popular gaming is among moms: 70 percent of moms spend some time every day playing mobile games.

Equipped with these insights, P/S created an experiential mobile game called "Grand Battle with Super Tooth." Super Tooth was the game hero who battled Unknown Sugar Monsters. Once the players exhausted the available game lives, they could complete two challenges reinforcing the brand message to get additional lives. This was further linked to online product purchase to play with a more powerful Super Tooth.

P/S also disruptively raised awareness and provided education about hidden sugar in common foods while emphasizing the product function of its anti-cavity products across platforms.


Overall Campaign Execution:

Gaming is an effective platform to educate consumers in an engaging way. Tapping into consumers' passion point provided a more conducive atmosphere for the brand to talk its audience. In addition, gaming proved to be an effective vehicle to reach out to women in particular.

Mobile Execution:

The game was further customized and optimized to show a different ambience and setup at different times of the day so both moms and kids could both play on the same device.

The game itself consisted of several narrative functions:

  • The tooth character had to kill Sugar Monsters to collect coins.
  • The default P/S Super Tooth character had three lives.
  • Multiple premium versions of the P/S Hero Super Tooth characters were introduced.
  • To upgrade to better characters, one had to purchase P/S from the P/S Lazada Page.
  • Scores were recorded on the leader board to encourage playing.

If a character ran out of lives, the user was asked to complete two challenges that reinforce P/S’s message on food and cavities: choosing the right foods to eat and brushing to clean teeth. This was then linked to online product purchase to play with a more powerful Super Tooth.

The company further strengthened the execution by launching it on the Full Moon Festival, when the focus on food was higher. Engagement was incentivized with rewards such as a trip to Disney Land SG, Universal Studios HK, and tickets to a grand Full Moon event and mobile vouchers.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

P/S continues to lead the market. Its upgradation segment gained a 5.3 percent increase in urban settings, and a 12.3 percent in rural homes. P/S toothpaste saw the highest growth ever in five consecutive years: it grew 7 percent versus market norm at 2.3 percent.

The campaign increased consumer recommendation and advocacy by four points, and grew 48 percent in e-commerce retailers. The game itself exceeded benchmarks: impressions rose to 3,370,290 (120 percent of KPI), garnered engagement at 685,813 (22 percent higher than KPI), and increased unique users to 226,907 (162 percent higher than its KPI), and 3,000 moms unlocked characters within the game.

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