Renault Turkey: Rennovative Test Drive


Campaign Summary

Renault partnered with a mobile shopping app to allow car buyers to order test drives that would originate from their doorsteps.


Objective and Context:

In an effort to maintain successful sales figures, Renault sought to increase the number of test drives of its Megane sedan. The brand needed to motivate white-collar workers to test-drive because they had little time to spare and did not want to waste it even if they wanted to experience the vehicle first-hand.

Renault strove for:

  • A 25 percent increase in Megane Sedan test drives
  • A 100 percent test drive rate among white-collar employees
  • A 10 percent increase in those who viewed the Renault Megane sedan as a technological car

Target Audience:

Renault's target audience was mostly white-collar office workers.

Creative Strategy:

Renault worked with the Getir instant-delivery shopping app, which is used mostly by a white-collar audience.


Overall Campaign Execution:

With a few taps on Getir, users could summon one of 30 Megane sedans to be driven to their door anywhere in Istanbul, affording them a convenient way to test-drive the vehicle.

Since this campaign relied on a mobile app, its paid media investments focused heavily on mobile. An announcement of the campaign was made on the Getir app, supported by social media, paid search, and influencers. Overall campaign budget was approximately €10,000.

Mobile Execution:

Potential buyers simply clicked on the Megane sedan category in the Getir mobile app at any time, and a test drive was delivered to their door anywhere in Istanbul in a mere 10 minutes.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

During the pre-launch period, 100 test drives were ordered with the support of Getir's push notifications but without any media investment. Over a 30-day post-launch period with media investments, 519 test drives were ordered.

Other results were also positive. Renault found that the percentage of consumers in the automotive sector who viewed its product as "a technologically advanced car" increased from 27 to 30 percent. At the same time, familiarity scores increased from 38 percent to 43 percent, according to consumer research analysis.

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