Samsung Galaxy: Samsung S10 — Innovation at the Next Level


Campaign Summary

Samsung created an interactive video to educate consumers on the features of its new Galaxy S10 phone.


Objective and Context:

Samsung found that its sales in the smartphone category had started to plateau as the purchase cycle had lengthened.

Samsung wanted to reignite excitement in the category to compel its consumers to purchase by highlighting its product superiority via innovative executions.

To celebrate the first decade of its blockbuster Galaxy S smartphones and the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung Philippines wanted to go beyond generating buzz in traditional media and digital channels by conveying the experience that the Galaxy S10 offered on the interactive mobile screen.

The goal of the Samsung Galaxy S10 mobile campaign was two-fold: To maintain sales leadership by evoking the striking design advantages and differentiating features of the new Galaxy S10, and to increase the target audience's engagement.

Target Audience:

The Samsung Galaxy S10's target audience was Purposeful Trailblazers, in middle- to high-income socioeconomic classes. As they are up to date on the latest technology trends, they expect innovation from smartphone brands.

Their lifestyles are driven by heavy consumption of TV, social, and digital media, and they embrace new and innovative technologies. This audience is diverse, including trendy young individuals, high-earning professionals, and early adopters.

The majority of these individuals live in cities and utilize their smartphones to consume relevant content, connect with their peers, and manage their lifestyles using the latest apps.

Creative Strategy:

Samsung's campaign strategy when it comes to its Galaxy S series has always involved emphasizing the differentiating features of its devices across the multi-screen channels, including mobile.

When it came to the Galaxy S10, Samsung was particularly excited to promote three features: its Maximized Infinity O-Display, True Vision Multi-Camera, and Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner. The brand sought to give customers a taste of the S10's next-generation innovations via a simulated experience that went beyond watching a regular video ad. Through AdColony Aurora Interactive HD Video execution, features that users could normally only check out in actual physical stores were simulated in the mobile ad.

The month-long nationwide digital campaign targeted mid- to high-end users in highly urbanized city centers. Defined audience-segment targeting was utilized to serve ads to users of specific smartphone units, including rival brands playing in the same category as the S10.


Overall Campaign Execution:

The mobile campaign for the Galaxy S10 was accompanied by nationwide print, outdoor and TV advertisements, and social media, such as Facebook, and YouTube videos.

Mobile Execution:

Samsung's ad started with an enticing vision of the Samsung Galaxy S10's silhouette and a lively music video. The video paused in three key interaction points that required users to perform specific actions: 1) "Swipe up" for an "Infinite Experience," introducing the S10's Maximized Infinity-O Display Screen; 2) "Tap and Hold to Unlock," simulating the intelligent Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner feature; and 3) "Swipe Down," revealing the breadth and depth of the True Vision Multi-Camera. The progression unfolded with arresting videos and audio.

The ad concluded with a dynamic end card, which gave users the opportunity to read up on each of the three key features by tapping on the appropriate icon. A "Learn More" button led users to the Samsung website where they could educate themselves about the phone's powerful performance and other specs, check out the latest promotions, or even purchase a phone online.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Interactive Mobile Campaign engaged over 4.1 million people. The interactive mobile campaign was so engaging that the average time spent on the dynamic end card was 143 seconds, well above the industry benchmark of eight seconds. The video completion rate was 68.96 percent, surpassing the industry benchmark of 60 percent. Viewability was an impressive 91 percent, soundly beating the industry benchmark of 50 percent.

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