AXN Asia: Talk to Asia’s Got Talent on Google Assistant


Campaign Summary

To keep fans engaged when the show wasn't on TV, the producers of Asia's Got Talent used Google Assistant to provide the show's most devoted viewers with insider content, regardless of where they were located in Asia.


Objective and Context:

Producers of the popular TV show Asia's Got Talent wanted to create an inclusive, engaging user community who would support the show in between seasons and unite fans all across Asia, regardless of distance. Viewers of the show were given more backstage content, the ability to engage with their favorite performers beyond their TV screens, and a way to participate in an enthusiastic fan community via the "Talk to Asia's Got Talent" Google Assistant platform.

Target Audience:

The target audience was people who were already fans of the show, judges, hosts, or competitors, regardless of their age, gender, or nationality.

Creative Strategy:

The platform provided viewers with exciting, personalized content that fans could access for free from anywhere in Asia. It was updated multiple times per week. Fans could enter Google Assistant via their phones or in-home smart speakers to hear audio clips from the judges, hosts, and stars.


Overall Campaign Execution:

The campaign took four months to develop, and the Google Assistant experience launched in January 2019 in 17 Asian countries. Talk to Asia's Got Talent ended in April 2019, when the last episode of the show aired globally.

Mobile Execution:

With more than 460 audio files from those involved in Asia's Got Talent, the campaign was one of the most complex partner actions designed on Google Assistant to date. As long as users had access to Google Assistant, anyone who was anywhere in the world could engage with the show.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

During the campaign, users spent an average of two minutes engaged with Asia's Got Talent through the Google Assistant platform. The campaign garnered more than 890,902 impressions and reached 338,368 viewers.

Categories: Mobile Audio | Industries: Entertainment, Media, Sports, Computers & Technology | Objectives: Mobile Audio | Awards: X Finalist

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