Pronamel: Pronamel PIER Launch


Campaign Summary

Pronamel partnered with social media influencers to promote its new product, educate consumers about enamel erosion and repair, and sell products via one-click ads. The brand wanted consumers to see Pronamel as a product that was necessary to their personal health and well-being.


Objective and Context:

In February 2019, Pronamel launched a new product with its most advanced formula yet: Pronamel Intensive Enamel Repair toothpaste. Consumers generally believe that once tooth enamel is gone, it's gone forever, so overcoming that false assumption was the brand's biggest challenge.

Target Audience:

The brand needed to engage with U.S. residents who assumed that their current multi-benefit basic toothpaste brand was already providing everything they needed. This group was primarily composed of women, ages 34 to 54, who make their household's purchasing decisions.

Creative Strategy:

With more than 17 million Instagram mentions of #selfcare, there's little doubt that the concept is growing. According to Apple, self-care was the top app trend in 2018. Pronamel needed to make consumers feel that enamel repair should be part of their existing self-care routines, so it collaborated with two lifestyle influencers, Miriam Gin and Claire Guentz. The influencers created Instagram content illustrating their personal self-care routines, which included Pronamel. Lower-funnel, product-focused creative highlighted the benefits of the new product and supplemented the influencer content.


Overall Campaign Execution:

The content created with the influencers had three purposes:

  • To educate consumers about the product and the effects of acid erosion
  • To demonstrate how Pronamel fits into existing self-care routines
  • To provide authentic, trusted endorsements from real Pronamel users

Branded product content was geared towards building shelf awareness so that consumers could identify the product in store. Both branded and influencer content featured one-click opportunities to buy Pronamel via third-party vendors.

Mobile Execution:

The brand's target audience was made up of heavy mobile users, so all campaign content was designed with a social-first mindset and mobile best practices at top of mind. Where possible, creative was optimized to fit the largest ratios for phone screens to create maximum viewability for the user. Content was also created for both volume on and off viewing.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

The influencers' six Instagram story posts garnered an average of more than 10,500 organic views each, while their four in-feed Instagram posts resulted in 11,000 engagements. Approximately, 187,000 units of Pronamel were sold via the one-click social ads.

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