Coca-Cola BR: Coke and the Chinese Food Battle


Campaign Summary

Coca-Cola generated consumer engagement through an interactive promotion capable of generating sales and increasing Coca-Cola prevalence among China in Box delivery orders, the biggest Chinese food player in Brazil.


Objective and Context:

China in Box is the biggest Chinese food player in Brazil as well as a strategic local key account for Coca-Cola. iFood is the country's largest delivery app. Its business is growing at a rapid pace and it's fueled by consumers' increasing need for convenience. Coca-Cola's challenge was to create a unique campaign with multiple partners to gain relevance in a market that's already competitive and flooded with promotions.

The campaign objective was to boost consumer engagement through an interactive promotion capable of generating sales and increasing Coca-Cola prevalence among China in Box delivery orders.

Target Audience:

The target audience was mainly Chinese food lovers and consumers used to ordering through food delivery apps. Demographics included all genders between the ages of 25 and 44.

Creative Strategy:

The creative strategy allowed consumers to have the choice of their preferred promotion in a mobile-first and interactive way. Coca-Cola invited people to a battle between two special offers that included a Coke and a meal from China in Box. It used an Instagram poll to engage with the audience and let them select their preferred meal. The most voted option received a discount, which was promoted in the following week. Throughout the month the cycle continued every week, with a new meal created, voted on, and promoted with a discount.

The promotion required both agility and dynamism from the creative team to personalize the media content and announce each "weekly winner," as well as for the China in Box team to activate specific discounts in the delivery app.

Media Strategy:

The campaign focused on mobile and was divided into two phases.

Phase 1

Phase one encouraged consumers to engage by voting in Instagram Story polls. The media strategy at this stage aimed for awareness. Coca-Cola focused its media efforts on Facebook, Instagram, and DV 360, Google's DSP. On Instagram the chosen format was Stories, which made voting possible. On Facebook, a page post link format was used to increase message reach and frequency. In DV 360, it used a display format with dimensions suited for a mobile experience.

Phase 2

Phase two announced the winning combos and drove traffic and conversions in food delivery apps. This phase focused on consideration and conversion.

To boost consideration, Coca-Cola leveraged In Loco, a media vehicle that can map apps that are installed on users' devices and understand physical store consumption habits. A push notification reached consumers who went to Chinese and Japanese restaurants and had food delivery apps installed on their mobile phones. To drive conversions, Coca-Cola focused on Facebook's page post link format.


Overall Campaign Execution:

Coca-Cola successfully engaged consumers through a poll format available only through Instagram mobile, as well as through audience segmentation based on consumers' mobile behaviors.

Mobile Execution:

The campaign was entirely mobile. The "weekly winner" communication had a conversion objective and a destination URL leading to food delivery apps. Coca-Cola made the segmentation sophisticated by including a cluster of people who had attended at least one China in Box physical restaurant in the last 60 days and had food delivery apps installed on their mobile phones.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

The campaign exceeded media profitability goals with a cost-per-click 16 percent lower than planned. In one month, Coca-Cola reached more than seven million unique users and had a 22.61 percent higher click-through rate than expected. The campaign saw 104 percent growth in special offer sales within delivery apps, and Coca-Cola incidence increased by 7.3 points within delivery apps. Lastly, more than 90,000 users actively engaged on the weekly Instagram polls.

Categories: Promotion | Industries: Food & Beverage | Objectives: Promotion | Awards: X Bronze Winner