Miller Genuine Draft: Fresh Take


Campaign Summary

Miller Genuine Draft (MGD) wanted to drive sales among its Facebook fans in South Africa through a buy-one-get-one-free promotion. Consumers were able to purchase MGD six packs via direct-to-consumer sales on Facebook Messenger.


Objective and Context:

MGD wanted to engage with its Facebook fans in South Africa and also use up excess stock, so it launched a buy-one-get-one-free promotion on social media.

Target Audience:

The target audience was professional urban men, ages 18 to 35, who were looking for convenience and efficiency.

Creative Strategy:

MGD's goal was to drive sales among digitally active South African men and convert them to MGD drinkers. Since the audience already spent a lot of time on Facebook, MGD wanted to make the trial process as easy as possible by bringing ordering to the platform.


Overall Campaign Execution:

To order a six-pack, consumers sent MGD a message via the Facebook Messenger app. The six-packs would then be delivered to them within an hour. The promotion was available in Gauteng, Cape Town, and Durban.

Mobile Execution:

Sixty percent of the campaign's budget was spent on mobile. Facebook was used to engage with consumers, drive sales, and fulfill orders and online payment.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

The campaign resulted in 73 orders being placed. The campaign had an 11 percent conversion rate, exceeding the e-commerce benchmark by 5 percent.

Categories: Mobile Payments/Commerce | Industries: Food, Beverage | Objectives: Mobile Payments/Commerce | Awards: X Bronze Winner