OMO: Less Screen Time, More Play Time


Campaign Summary

OMO wanted to remind parents not to use screens when their kids were around, and instead to engage and play with them.


Objective and Context:

Vietnam has experienced a rapid uptick in connected devices, especially smartphones and tablets. Children prefer a mobile phone or a tablet to play games, watch cartoons or toy review videos, and to communicate with each other. This "head-down" state becomes worse during the summer, when kids have more free time and parents just want to keep them occupied. As a laundry brand which has child development and family togetherness as core values, OMO attempted to put a stop to this phenomenon.

Target Audience:

OMO wanted to encourage parents to engage their kids in activities and pull them away from digital distractions. But because parents themselves can become glued to screens, OMO had to first target and nudge parents to initiate this behavioral change with their children.

Creative Strategy:

The weekend is a precious bonding time for families, and should not be wasted on devices. But playtime is often delayed because parents don't realize the amount of time they themselves are spending on their phones or laptops. The message needed to be shared in a way that the issue that would catch parents' attention so they would not be able to ignore it.

OMO deployed a media intervention to remind them to go offline using sequential dynamic messaging that would change in accordance with the amount of time they spent online.


Overall Campaign Execution:

OMO created a series of bumper ads targeted at parents and deployed them during summer weekends. Depending on the user's online session duration (30 minutes, one hour, two hours, etc.), a dynamic ad with a custom message would trigger while parents watched any online content. The ad reminded them about how much time they had already spent online and urged them to go play with their kids. The more time they spent online, the more frequent the message became.

OMO also shared tips about where to go and what to do. It partnered with various outdoor activity organizers such as Tipsy Art, Konnit Adventure Zone, and Dam Sen Water Park to host outdoor activities every weekend. Parents could easily receive e-tickets for their families by submitting a purchase receipt for any OMO product online.

Mobile Execution:

Handing over a mobile phone or a tablet to kids becomes convenient for parents, despite the awareness that these addictive devices can contribute to sleep disorders, near-sightedness, and interpersonal skill shortages.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

With its “Less Screen Time, More Play Time” message, OMO reached more than 13 million Vietnamese parents:

  • Market share increased by 110 basis points.
  • Urban share increased by 180 basis points.
  • Sales increased by 210 basis points.

But the campaign’s greatest achievement was increasing the time Vietnamese families spent together and not on their screens.

Categories: Social Impact/Not For Profit | Industries: Consumer Packaged Goods | Objectives: Social Impact/Not For Profit | Awards: X Bronze Winner