DIMES: DIMES Voice Command


Campaign Summary

Turkish juice brand DIMES capitalized on the convenience of voice command technology to minimize the difficulty of following a recipe while using a mobile device.


Objective and Context:

To increase awareness for its squeezed juice products, DIMES wanted to attract breakfast enthusiasts, because breakfast is the most popular meal for juice consumption. But using a computer or mobile phone to follow a recipe while preparing a meal is neither easy nor hygienic. DIMES wanted to use technology in a creative way to reinforce its relationship with its current customers and reach new ones.

Target Audience:

The target audience was urban dwellers between the ages of 25 and 45, and university students who like to enrich their breakfast with squeezed juice and new recipes.

Creative Strategy:

DIMES partnered with recipe website Yemek.com, whose users matched the target audience. The strategic use of voice command technology improved the quality of the user experience by establishing a mode of communication within the website. It helped users who were on the website to try new recipes or follow the steps of a recipe they already knew, and in turn made preparing breakfast an easy and fun activity.


Overall Campaign Execution:

DIMES sponsored the breakfast recipes on Yemek.com and developed a voice command assistant, which was built in a month and a half. The application was written in JavaScript and could be integrated into all browsers that supported speech recognition. It was able to prevent phonetically similar words, ambient noise, and low-quality microphones from causing issues, and featured 10 built-in, commands including "forward," "back, "start," and "stop," to improve the user experience.

When a user clicked on any recipe in the breakfast category, the voice command activated automatically and asked for the user's microphone permission. After giving permission, users could follow the steps of a recipe by saying certain commands. There was also a secret command: When a user said, "DIMES," a pop-up appeared and the user was gifted DIMES Squeezed Orange Juice.

Mobile Execution:

Due to their portable nature, mobile devices are frequently used when preparing recipes. With 84 percent of Yemek.com's traffic coming from mobile devices, DIMES' voice assistant was an ideal solution to reach these users.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

More than 400 “Breakfast with DIMES” recipes were read out loud three million times and viewed by one million unique users, which allowed them to prepare breakfast without touching their device screens.

In addition:

  • 140,000 users clicked on the DIMES pop-up.
  • DIMES experienced a 56 percent growth and became the top brand in the squeezed juice category.
  • DIMES increased its market share from 45 percent to 58 percent.

By using DIMES Squeezed Orange Juice as the hero product of the campaign, the product’s tonnage increased by 50 percent and took 39 percent share of the market.

DIMES’ brand awareness results included:

  • 31 percent increase in top-of-mind brand awareness
  • 5 percent increase in spontaneous brand awareness
  • 7 percent increase in total brand awareness
  • 14 percent increase in consumers who “knew,” “tried,” or “bought” DIMES products.

Categories: Brand Awareness, Innovation, Voice | Industries: Food & Beverage | Objectives: Brand Awareness, Innovation, Voice | Awards: X Bronze Winner, X Finalist

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