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Campaign Summary

Web news stories and social media posts frequently quote magazines. However, print magazines aren't able to deliver news stories in real time, causing them to miss out on opportunities to engage readers. "d magazine," Japan's largest magazine subscription app, needed to find a way to restore the perceived value of magazines as a news medium.

Insight, Strategy, and the Idea

To get stories to its readership more quickly, d magazine began creating a video immediately after receiving each new article. The brand tapped Naomi Watanabe, one of Japan's most popular influencers, to serve as the newscaster for these videos. However, Watanabe's busy schedule didn't allow for her to shoot a video every time an article was written, so d magazine developed a CGI likeness of the influencer, making it possible for her to deliver real-time news to readers.


d magazine used 3D scanning, voice modulators, and lip-synch technology to create a CGI version of Watanabe. This allowed the brand to create videos within 48 hours of a story breaking, all without Watanabe's physical involvement.


In seven weeks, d magazine created 26 videos and 156 banners. More than 240 million people viewed the videos, and the completion rate was 342 percent higher than average. By delivering the latest magazine articles as news bulletins, the publication successfully boosted the information value of magazines.

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